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Promo & Giveaway: EVERYTHING TO ME Series by Teresa Hill-with the Author's Favorite Quotes!

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DANA: I’ve always been the smart girl, the careful one.

Not anymore. I feel reckless, desperate. I love him, and it’s senior year, my last chance with him before I leave for college, so I’m going to take it.

What could go wrong? Oh, my God, I had no idea.

PETER: I’ve spent years trying to hide how I feel about her. It gets harder every day.

For so long, she was my best friend, the first person who truly believed in me, sometimes the only one.

Do I love her? Of course, I do. Can I let her get even deeper into the hellacious mess my life is?

No way. You don’t do that to someone you love.


Teresa's Favorite Quotes from the Everything to Me 
From Book 1: 
Peter: I can’t help but think that, of all the ways I imagined getting her naked, this is so completely not what I had in mind. Out of the corner of my eye, I see her top hit the ground beside me, hear the rustle of her jeans as she pulls them off. Sh*t. She’s still moving around, doing something, and I wonder, Is she soaked all the way through to her little pink bra and her panties? She’ll have every bit of herself, bare as can be, inside my hoodie. All that pretty skin pressed against fabric that until a minute ago was wrapped around my body. I’ll never be able to wear that thing again. I’ll imagine her naked inside it every time I try to put it on. 
(He’s just being a teenage boy, and I like when that comes out, even when other scary things are going on.) 
Peter: I should have told her everything. Like that I love her, and I always will. That I need her and want to be with her. Nobody but her. That somehow, we’ll find a way to make it work if she wants me, too. If she ever wanted me the way I want her. God, I’m so stupid. I hate myself right now. If she’s not okay, I will never forgive myself. 
(It always seems so hard to be the first one in a relationship to own up to your feelings.) 

From Book 2: 
Peter: “I didn’t care about anything when I met you. I didn’t trust anyone. I didn’t think my life would ever change. You made me want my life to get better, made me think maybe it could be, that I could make it better. You believed in me when nobody else did.” “Of course, I believe in you.” “You’re the first person who ever did. Can you understand how much that means to me?” 
(There’s such power in believing in someone else, whether it’s as a friend or someone you love. Having one person truly care about you and believe you can succeed can make all the difference in someone’s life.) 
From Book 3: 
Peter: I pick her up and haul her into my lap. She is shaking badly, and an icy fear rushes through my veins. Carefully, so carefully, because I feel now like I can’t possibly be careful enough with her — I was just yelling at her, for f*ck’s sake — I pull her against me and press her head to my shoulder. I feel her tears rolling off her face and onto my neck, all the shaky breaths she takes, all the trembling of her body. She feels almost boneless in my arms. I can’t hold her tightly enough. I need to make this stop, to make sure she knows that whatever’s wrong, I’m going to fix it, and no one’s ever going to hurt her again. I won’t allow it. 
(I think that’s what we all want to be able to do for the people we love. Let me fix it. Let me make it all better. As one person in this serial says to another, What good is love if you can’t make things okay for the most important person in the world to you?)
From Book 6: 
Peter: The feelings I have for her fill me up and overflow, like they’re too much for my body to contain. She replaces all the darkness. She can push all the hurt and anger out of my body, like they can’t exist in the presence of her love and acceptance. There’s no room for them. She obliterates them. So many things seem to have changed. Or maybe I’ve finally realized, finally accepted, that things have been changing for a long time, and I’m not going back to those dark days. I’m not saying my life will always be this good, that all my problems are behind me and I won’t have hard times along with the good. But my reality, my now, is so good. 
(This goes back to my most basic writing theme: Love means you’ll always have someone on your side through the hardest things you face in life, and that makes everything easier.) 
Dana: I bury my face against his back and let myself relax against him. I know he has memories that still haunt him, that chase after him and try to latch onto him sometimes. I want him to know they’re not just his anymore. They’re ours to fight together. I won’t let the darkness have him. 
(Dana loves him fiercely, and I love that about her. He needs that kind of love. Her feelings for him have to come with great strength and determination to break through his walls and his fears.) 
Peter: “I let myself look back at her, the most beautiful, amazing girl in the world, and I feel a huge rush of tenderness and appreciation for who she is, for everything she’s ever done for me, especially the way she’s always believed in me, like no one else ever did. I love her so much, more than I could ever fully explain.” 
(This is just a spot near the end where I’m so happy for both of them. I want everyone to have that kind of love.) 

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Peter: I've always felt like I was saving myself for her.

Not that way. Not sexually. Saving my life. Trying to be smart about what I do.  Actually giving a damn. Because I matter to her. It’s something I’ve never had -- anyone who cares like she does -- and it’s absolutely amazing.

She’s amazing, this very good girl I can not have. Her dad made that clear the night he caught us together, but that’s not enough to stop me from me from wanting her.

Still, it would be a completely selfish move on my part to draw her any deeper into my life. I just heard my mom’s getting out of prison early. Not for good behavior. Because of overcrowding. Life was always crazy with mom. If she comes back, if she wants me back, my life turns to crap. I know that, and at sixteen, I don’t think I can do anything about it, except maybe run as far and fast as I can. Even Dana, my very good girl, won’t be able to save me.

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About Teresa Hill

Teresa Hill lives in the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains with a patient, very understanding husband, one very loud cat and two beautiful, lazy dogs, usually at Teresa's side or under her feet.

Born in Central Kentucky, growing up in a town where the public library was housed in an old church, Teresa came to believe books were sacred things and that being a writer would be the best profession in the world.

Now a three-time Rita nominee and USA Today Bestselling Author, she has written forty books of romance and women's fiction, with more than 2 million copies in print, for NAL/Onyx, Silhouette, Harlequin and Steeple Hill.

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