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Spotlight-Excerpt: BOY ONE by Jaap Cové

Boy One 

Author and Publisher: Jaap Cové

Cover Artist: ricacabrex (Fiverr)

Release Date: April 1, 2024

Genres: Gay, M/M Memoir, non-fiction

Tropes: Secret love

Themes: Coming out, shame, fear, intergenerational relationships

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 55 000 words/ 203 pages

It is a standalone book and ends on a sort of cliffhanger.


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Coming of age inside the controversial world of the Spartacus Gay Guide


It is 1981. Jaap, a Dutch teenager, is a boy taking his first steps towards becoming a man. He’s reclusive, a wallflower with a handsome face and curly blond hair. He loves playing tennis and plays drums for a student rock band.

He is attracted to men and afraid of desires that he has not acted upon. By fortuitous accident, the Dutch teen meets Briton John D. Stamford, and his life changes. Stamford is the eccentric middle-aged editor of Spartacus International Gay Guide, the crucial book for gay male travelers. It listed both welcoming destinations and countries that carried strict penalties for homosexuality.

Jaap likes mature men; John prefers youths. BOY ONEis the record of their relationship, the deluxe global travel they did for John’s work, the eye-opening experiences of a sheltered teen, and the obsessive sexual relationship that developed.

Amid the glamor of five-star hotels and restaurants, conflicts arise. Jaap still thinks about having a girlfriend and wonders if he is bisexual. John is trying to push his young lover into something he’s not ready for—being openly gay all the time. Moreover, Jaap notices the Spartacus Guide lists opportunities for sex with underaged youths in places like Thailand. He suspects this is wrong. So do the police, who begin investigating John.

Despite the excitement and eroticism of their relationship, the moral issues grow until the two are at odds.

In BOY ONE, Jaap Cové tells the honest and gripping story of a remarkable part of his life. Revealing and outspoken, it is a unique, colorful and compelling coming-of-age story. It captures the excitement of international gay life in the early 80s, but it is also a troubling saga about morality and intergenerational relationships.


John picks me up at the airport with a taxi. We drop my bag in the RV that’s parked just outside Basel’s old center, but don’t stay there. John has other plans.  I’m in for a romantic weekend. It’s snowy and below freezing point. I never expected the city to be so beautiful, or is it because we’re together again? We lunch in an upscale Konditorei, then walk arm in arm past the historical buildings in the old center. People on the pavement glare at us, but John doesn’t let go of my arm. It feels warm and safe. We visit the Gothic church and head to the quay of the river Rhine, where we kiss. There are people watching, which makes it more exciting. Protected by John, I don’t feel any embarrassment. I exist in a constant state of being crazy in love.

He takes me to my first gay sauna in the old town to warm up. As we enter a dimly-lit steam room, I lose John in the mist. In no time, there are many hands all over my body, touching my ass, my c*ck and my torso. I am scared.

As I adjust to the light, I look into the faces of the young men groping me and start to panic. I want to break free, but they won’t let me. Someone shoves his tongue between my lips. I wriggle to get away from the mass of bodies. Just as I reach the point of using force, I feel a hand pull me from the crowd. John pulls me close and embraces me. He smiles and tries to calm me.

‘You didn’t like that?’ he asks.

‘No, I panicked.’

‘Come, let’s get out of here.’ 

He takes me to a private room where we make love on a rubber bed covered with towels. Our session isn’t long and elaborate as it would have been in the RV. It turns me on just the same. I’m quickly positioned on my belly by his big hands, feeling the cold KY-jelly on my ass, after which he carefully pushes his warm c*ck inside. Pleasing John, giving my lover what he wants, in the way he wants it, excites me. I become hard as a rock. This man owns me when we make love.

Downstairs in the bar area later, we have a drink. I play with the thought that John planned the episode in the steam room. At the same time, the thought is ridiculous. I can’t imagine him telling all those guys that his lover from Holland would be visiting, and asking them to give me a warm welcome.

‘It was almost like they were waiting for me,’ I say. ‘All those hands on me.’

‘Why is that strange? Have you looked in the mirror lately?’


‘You’re very handsome, Jake. You’re a f*cking knockout.’

I don’t know what to say, since no one ever told me that. I know I’m not ugly, but a knockout? I’m tall and slender, not muscled. And I’ve always been on the shy side, not confident about my looks. All my life people have told me that my blond curls are beautiful. But women couldn’t keep their hands off my hair when I was a young boy and I didn’t enjoy that. 

‘And you have such a hot ass,’ he adds with a big smile. Then he kisses me. 

As I take a sip of my drink, I think about how my life has changed. In less than three months, I have made the metamorphosis from Dordrecht wallflower to Basel knockout. My self-esteem balloons.

But something is gnawing at me.

‘So when you’re here on your own, I suppose those hands are on you, too, right?’

‘Why do you ask?’ 

‘I don’t like that thought.’

‘No, that doesn’t happen to me. I’m getting too old, Jake. Older gay people are less appealing in this world. You’ll find out.’

‘I find that hard to believe. When you walk around here naked, people look.’

‘I’m glad you think so.’ He smiles and looks past me, like he’s checking out the other guys. ‘But to answer your real question, yes, I do play around when I’m on my own.’

‘What… you mean, you still do, even though we’re lovers?’



 ‘Remember that black kid we met in a bar in Nice on our last evening? I f*cked him soon after you left.’

That’s a sudden bucket of ice water. I put down my drink and sit frozen. I want to go home. Now. 

John continues sipping his drink. ‘It’s all right, Jake; it meant nothing. I love you.’

About the Author  

Jaap Cové (1962) studied anthropology and debuted in 2011 with his novel Walking Among Us, followed by Cajú (2012) and The Girl in the Web (2017). Dog Gone (2023) was his first nonfiction narrative. Boy One is his first memoir.

From my website:

Jaap Cové is an anthropologist, a drummer, a flautist, a globetrotter, and an author of fiction and nonfiction. His novels are filled with mystery, spirituality, symbolism and music. His nonfiction is a reflection of his eventful life.

Blog/Website  |  Facebook  |   Instagram

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Cover Reveal: KILLIAN by Jessamyn Kingley (Twisted Tales of D'Vaire #1)


(Twisted Tales of D’Vaire, Book 1)

Author and Publisher: Jessamyn Kingley

Cover Artist: LJ Anderson of Mayhem Cover Creations

Release Date: June 6, 2024

Genre: MM Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Trope: Fated mates

Heat Rating:  3 flames

Length:  96 000 words

It is a standalone story and does not end on a cliffhanger.

Goodreads Author Profile

Amazon Author Profile

For two soulmates, a single twist of fate can change everything. 


In 1369, Killian the Dwyer is a young druid still learning to rule his people. His journey is aided by his peers. Two years ago, Killian accepted an opportunity to join a council of respected leaders. Which is why, on one fateful day, Killian and his fellow leaders venture to a castle of dragons. 

Their intent is to build an alliance—what they find is death. But that is not all Killian discovers. Standing alone in a garden is a shy dragon with scales of a deep dark green—Killian’s favored hue. The shifter’s name is Duke Dravyn D’Vairedraconis, and he is Killian’s mate.

Dravyn knows little about the world. At four, he lost his parents and his uncle made him into a servant. Now, Dravyn is standing across from a sorcerer, and Killian’s magic scares him and his beast. Although he cannot deny that Killian is beautiful, Dravyn has no words to convey the mixture of emotions brewing in him.

Hours after Killian leaves the castle, a twist changes everything. Soon, more than fear separates Killian and Dravyn. Obstacles stand between them, but Fate has already paired their souls. What are they willing to sacrifice to honor the goddess and the tug of their hearts?


Killian’s lips tingled. It was a pleasant feeling, and he grinned at the blushing Duke in front of him. 

“Your mouth is addictive,” Killian said.

To his delight, Dravyn’s cheeks went pinker, and he shuffled his feet. Thankfully, Dravyn kept his deep green gaze locked on Killian’s. Thanks to the great studying Killian had done of Dravyn in their slowly growing acquaintance, he’d learned that the moment the shifter grew uncomfortable his eyes hit the ground. Killian detested it whenever Dravyn’s shoulders stooped or he bowed his head.

From what Killian had learned of Dravyn’s life thus far, the man had done nothing to deserve such innate reticence about asserting himself or feeling comfortable in his own skin. Killian’s hands curled into fists as he thought about the many years Dravyn had served as a servant due to greedy, unworthy dragons.

“Shift whenever you are ready,” Killian said to Dravyn.

To Killian’s amusement, in the glow of the golden light he’d provided them in the dark, Dravyn’s ears turned a deep red. 

Dravyn’s chin hit his chest. “I will need a bit of privacy to shift.”

Although Killian would have preferred to watch Dravyn peel off his clothing so he could see every inch of his thickly muscled body, he was unsurprised at the Duke’s words. 

“I understand,” Killian assured him with a quick peck on one pink cheek.

Dravyn’s mouth twisted for a second, then he leaned forward and pressed his lips to Killian’s. That was an invitation Killian refused to ignore, and he cupped the bare skin of Dravyn’s neck underneath his tangled mess of dark locks to kiss him more deeply. Just like the first time, Dravyn set Killian aflame. Killian was not unexperienced, but no one had ever come close to driving him to the edge of madness—and they had barely touched. 

Killian’s eager mind threatened his sanity with images of him lying intertwined with Dravyn. To keep himself from tugging at Dravyn’s clothing himself, Killian ruthlessly shut down that train of thought and waited for his mate to shyly end their embrace. Stepping back, Dravyn smiled.

“I should go shift now,” Dravyn said.

“I’ll wait however long you need,” Killian replied, meaning every word. 

Dravyn sprinted off toward the copse of trees behind them. Rocking from heel to toe, Killian tried not to think about Dravyn removing his clothes so he wouldn’t do something stupid like chase him.

“Such dangerous beauty,” Killian murmured as Dravyn swooped down behind him so he would not run into any tall trees. Turning on his heel, Killian increased the glow of his lamp to better appreciate the way the light reflected off the dark scales of the magnificent creature in front of him. Killian stepped forward and laid a hand on the surprisingly sleek texture of dragonskin. “How do I get myself up?”

Dravyn stretched his legs out and bellyflopped into the dirt. It was such a surprisingly cute movement from such a grand dragon that Killian laughed. Then he tugged his cloak up and stretched a leg over Dravyn. It took some wiggling, but eventually, Killian’s bare feet dangled on either side of the beast’s curved back.

Before Killian could decide if he should be frightened, Dravyn thundered across the ground and flapped his enormous wings. They left the ground, and Killian threw his arms up as they went airborne. The wind whipped through his hair, tugging off his hood, and he grinned as they flowed through the cool night sky.

“This is incredible,” Killian shouted, and to his delight, Dravyn’s beast grumbled with what he hoped was an answering delight as they shared this wondrous experience together.

About the Author 

Jessamyn Kingley has published over thirty titles and refuses to pick a favorite among them. With an extraordinary passion for her characters, she enthusiastically adds tales to her D’Vaire series and avidly re-reads them whenever her schedule allows. After decades living in the Washington, DC area, she now resides in Nevada with her husband and their three spoiled cats. When she is not writing or adding new ideas to her beloved notebooks, she is gaming with family and friends. 

Visit her website

Join her Facebook group, Jessamyn's Ruffians

 Facebook Profile  |   Twitter  |   Pinterest

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New Release & Giveaway: RUNNING EMBER by Meraki P. Lyhne (The Vargr #8)

Running Ember RB Banner

Running Ember
By Meraki P. Lyhne

Running Ember Cover

The Vargr Series, Book 8

They’d expected the run of the North to be just that—a run to pull the biggest bond of Alphas in thousands of years. What none of them had expected was to find secrets of the past buried in the old and scarcely touched nature of Scandinavia.

In one instance after another, the past tosses its puzzle pieces at them for the Völve to work with, and as they gather the clues, synchronicity aids by lining up strange occurrences.

The ones that are hit the hardest are Pack Alpha Steffen and Nol-Elakdon. With help from the bond, they both have to deal with the necessities of going against their ways to figure out what’s going on. Digging for answers unearths a corner piece, and they finally have an idea of what they’re up against.

Something forgotten. Something they don’t know. Something that simply can’t be true.

And the wind brings news for the Völve to hear: “Rigr, Rigr, it’s time to rise, for swans to land, and for eagles to fly. Valkyrie, Valkyrie, pick your warrior. It’s time for them to burn!”

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Enter the Giveaway:

To celebrate the release of Running Ember, Meraki is giving away a copy of Book 1 Slumbering Ember!

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IG Sized Book 8 Vargr Teaser 2

Check Out The Vargr Series

Wolf shifters of Norse Lore

SB The Vargr 2

The belief in the old Norse gods may have been suppressed by Christianity, but that doesn’t mean the races of old didn’t survive. Like the Vargr wolves.

Series Universal Link

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Book 1: Slumbering Ember

Vargr 1 small

All Matt knows of his dad is that he was Danish and that he’d died in a motorcycle accident ten years earlier. When Matt’s sixteen and a half, his mother declares it important that he at least knows the other half of his heritage, so she sends him from the States to Denmark as an exchange student for a year.

Matt’s not overly excited. Matt’s a loner who doesn’t connect with people. Going to a foreign country was never a part of his plans, but he’d do it for her. He’d go to where she’d loved the only man in her life. The love that gave her Matt.

Everything he’s heard from his mom and read about Denmark and the area he’s going to live in did not prepare him for what he finds, though—a heritage that has an old Norse god on the family tree.

Please note that this is the second edition, and the "political chapter" has been heavily revised. Meaning deleted.

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Book 1 Vargr

Book 2: Awakening Ember

Vargr 2 small

All his life, Matt had been alone with his mom, but the Vargr in him responds quickly to meeting his pack. His relationship with his lover Rasmus evolves, and he’s grown tight friendships with the other Vargr pups.

Matt has also started Alpha training and is being taught and guided in what that means for him and the ember that awoke in him far too early.

Pack Alpha Steffen keeps a close eye on their new pup and the powerful ember Matt arrived with. It worries him—not just for Matt but because of the lore and history of how the Vargr pack Sköll Hati had gotten their name.

He senses trouble on the horizon. When Matt’s ember reacts violently around a Geri Freki Alpha, Steffen must step in and step up. The trouble that lands on his doorstep is but the beginning of whatever he fears lays ahead.

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Book 2 Vargr

Book 3: Whispering Ember

Vargr 3 small

Matt’s Sköll Hati pack has forcefully merged with the Geri Freki pack on their territory. The many changes challenge all Alphas, who step up to meet the needs of their pack. It challenges the young Alphas to grow. With a whispering ember, Matt’s gaining new insight into the Alpha he’s growing into.

Steffen will die for his pack’s prosperity. Standing the only conquering Pack Alpha in all of Sköll Hati, he’s proven that once before. Having fought to secure his pack again, he relishes in prosperity and fights to grow despite the changes to their structure. A Pack Alpha never stands alone, though. Other than seeing Matt rise to a challenge, Steffen’s focus on prosperity brings a new possible ally to their doorstep.

Frederik rose to have black fur, and he’s since then been renamed Hati. But he’s not doing well with fame. He yearns for something he doesn’t know and dreams of freedom he doesn’t understand.

Then he feels the pull of a new Alpha. All the fame and expectations that smother him seems bearable with the feel of that Alpha. And Hati needs him!

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Book 3 Vargr

Book 4: Flaring Ember

Vargr 4 small

After a harsh time with both personal trials and developments, Matt is ready to start college among humans. However ill-equipped he feels around humans, a lonely Geri Freki pup at school pokes at the Alpha in Matt to step up.

Steffen and Tristan are struggling to keep up with the latest changes, and more are coming. With the Alphas of all rising and more and more details from the prophecies lining up, things aren’t slowing down. But Tristan brings an important ally with another piece of the puzzle.

Hati is finally with his Vargr mate, but his human side lacks a vital bond. The many changes since he found his mate and moved to a new pack are piling on, and the importance of balancing his Vargr and human side become more and more critical.

Then Völsung stops by and kicks everything to a new level.

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Book 4 Vargr

Book 5: Smoldering Ember

Vargr 5 small

The warrior Sköll has finally risen, and the power of the ember now drives Sköll as the four legendary wolves gear up to face their enemy. They won the first battle. That battle started a war.

It seems the lot in Matt’s life that every time he conquers a challenge, something new is thrust upon him. He finally stands the risen Vargr, Sköll. His fur shone beautifully white in the moonlight—a stark contrast to the blood looking black as it ran down his torso.

Hati is now driven by an individual ember, but its purpose has to save his mate from succumbing to bloodthirst. Hati needs to learn to channel their vision for the future as his mate rises with preparedness for war far exceeding what anyone had imagined.

Pack Alpha Steffen has his work cut out for him. Having the four legendary wolves on his territory isn’t easy. At least his Alpha mate, Regional Alpha Tristan, has contacts to aid the Alphas rising to take on the battle that no Pack Alpha could aid them in alone. But first…damage control.

Tristan isn’t the only one bringing in a powerful ally. Queue the epic soundtrack. The newly risen Cubi King of the West has an old school buddy who needs a hand in seeing a common vision through.

Ghosts from the past haunt them, along with Völsung whispers from the shadows. The most dangerous enemy, though, whispers from within.

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Book 5 Vargr

Book 6: Historic Ember

Vargr 6 small

Today was a seed of vision, planted by change more than a thousand years ago.

Five people with vastly different outlooks and wishes for that future found friends or enemies in each other.

To move forward without making the same mistakes again, the Alphas of all gather knowledge about that time and what happened then.

There are only three people left in the world to tell that story. One is the product of the past, one can hear what ripples through time, and one experienced it firsthand.

Gathered around a bonfire, history comes alive as those three educate the Alphas of all about the times of change that blew across the North after the Great Pack War had ended.

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IG Sized Book 6 Vargr

Book 7: Shaded Ember

V7 1800 2700

The Alphas of all meet the battles they’ve risen to take on, but the embers of the story-time bonfire haven’t even settled before one important fact stands clear. One story was not told.

As Matt continues to learn to work with the Völsung born in him, he gathers knowledge, power, and the resources needed to secure the North.

For every battle he meets head-on, another is fought within. If not for Hati’s ember, crying out for his support, Sköll wouldn’t stand a chance.

Pack Alpha Steffen has promised to stand by his pup until whatever lies ahead has been seen through. Doubt whether he’s capable nags him as the pup shows off just how powerful Sköll has risen to become.

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Book 7 Vargr

Check out the series here:
Universal Link

SB The Vargr 4


About the Author

Meraki P. Lyhne, real name Martin, is a Danish author spanning multiple genres and pseudonyms. Meraki P. Lyhne mainly writes contemporary paranormal LGBT fiction with various degrees of romantic heat, some with a HEA, some with a HFN, and some with white-knuckling cliffhangers. Mostly, he writes long series with focus on worldbuilding, action, and something epic.

Connect with Meraki:
@merakiplyhne (everywhere)
Linktree with everything:


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Review, Excerpt, & Giveaway: BEAUTIFULLY FRACTURED by Michele Lenard (Front Range University #1)

BT BF Banner

Beautifully Fractured
By Michele Lenard

Beautifully Fractured Cover

Front Range University, Book 1

Ever have someone get you so well it’s like looking in a mirror?

Starting over is not what I had planned.

Those stories about magically becoming best friends with the person assigned to live with you… Yeah, that won’t be me. I already have a best friend. Even if I wanted a new one, Liam wouldn’t be it. He’s permanently grouchy, carrying a negative energy I don’t need since I’m finally in a good place. But I’ve never been good at ignoring when people need help, so I paste on a smile and play nice.

Predictably, Liam isn’t much of a talker, but after an unexpected accident he needs my help in other ways. Ways that offer me answers about myself. Ways that raise new questions about the football dreams I’ve been chasing since I was a kid. Ways that make me relive the past I want to ignore.

To say I’m confused is an understatement, but there’s one thing I know for certain…Liam is either the key to one door or the bolt that could prevent another from ever opening. And I have to choose which I want him to be.

Starting over is exactly what I need.

I can’t get any more invisible than I’ve been for the past few years, and I figure rooming with another person means at least one human on the planet can’t ignore me. Unfortunately, that human is Adonis personified, and not gay, so it’s looking like my invisibility streak might continue.

Then I suffer a minor accident, and Cruz’s hero complex comes out in full force.

I should be grateful to have someone to open my door and carry my books, but when you pair his selfless personality with that body… My mind starts to blur the roommate line, which makes his blur the line of not being gay.

My heart is already battered, and I doubt it can take rejection from the one person who broke down all the walls I’d built around it. That doesn’t mean I won’t try to give it to him anyway.

**Beautifully Fractured is a high-heat MM romance with medium angst that features a grumpy/sunshine relationship, forced proximity, hurt/comfort situations and a bi-awakening. This is book one in a series of interconnected standalones. Though the main characters are athletes, this is not a sports romance. Rather, it's a romance that happens to feature people who play sports.

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IG Sized BF Tagline


“So, now that we’re friends.” Cruz’s voice halts my internal rambling, and I try not to choke on my own breath as he steps back into our room wearing only a towel that does very little to hide the delicious little ‘V’ I suspected he’d have at the base of his torso. “Got any thoughts about what to do with this room?”

I swallow back the saliva pooling in my mouth as he pulls on a pair of boxers–before letting the towel drop to the floor thank God. “What do you mean?”

His head swivels around, taking in the space. “It’s kind of depressing, don’t you think?”

“It’s a dorm.”

“We might need to work on your vocabulary, Sunshine.” He tugs on a pair of sweats that do nothing to hide how round his ass is. “This place isn’t just a plain dorm room, it resembles a prison cell. Where’s the personalization?”

I force myself to look at his face. “Just because we’ve called a truce doesn’t mean you get to give me a nickname.”

“An ironic nickname.” He smiles proudly, like we’re already on our way to being best buddies, and I can’t decide if that makes me want to roll my eyes or smile back.

He’s just so…eager.

Rolling my eyes wins out, though I take my own tour of the bare white walls, plain tile floor, and worn wood furniture. “What did you have in mind?”

IG Sized BF Teaser 3

Carra's Review

If you’re looking for solid asexual representation and wonderful characters, this story is going to be a perfect fit, particularly if you enjoy a new adult/college setting.  I adored Cruz, he’s a wonderful blend of oblivious, sweet, protective, and intelligent.  While every character always has their own journey, this is definitely focused on Cruz and the self-discovery he undergoes the closer he and Liam become.

I liked how patient and kind Liam was with Cruz, he really was a great match for him.  Both Liam and Cruz each have their own personal issues to deal with, which does mean you’ll find a medium amount of angst here.  I loved though how Cruz dealt with his issues related to his best friend, and Liam’s sensitive responses to the situation.  On the flip side, Cruz was a great support to Liam with his family issues.  They complemented each other perfectly.

You’ll also find some great supporting characters, in particular Jagger and Cameron, best friends who are on the football team with Cruz.  Like I’m sure many other readers will be, I’ll be eagerly awaiting their stories (story?  Yes, please!).  They turn out to be fantastic friends to both Cruz and Liam, and Cruz’s family was wonderful with Liam.

Beautifully Fractured was a 4.5-star read for me, and I am looking forward to more in this series.  I’d definitely recommend this to any M/M romance fan, especially if you are looking for a story with an amazing character on the asexual/demisexual spectrum.  This book is meant for readers 18+ for adult language and sexual content.

IG Sized BF Teaser 2

Enter the Giveaway:

To celebrate the release of Beautifully Fractured, Michele is giving away a paperback copy of the release!

Enter the Rafflecopter giveaway for your chance to win!

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IG Sized BF Teaser 1

ML BW logo

About the Author

Hi! I'm Michele-or at least that's the name I write under-because my parents and my kids are not allowed to read my books. Ever. Though sports romance is my guilty pleasure, I like to dabble in all MM tropes. My books are set in my home state of Colorado, because to me the mountains are the only thing that can compete with a good book. My favorite food is Mexican, my favorite shoes are flip-flops, and my drink of choice is whiskey, the same as virtually every character I've ever written.

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Cover Reveal & Giveaway: TWINCERELY YOURS by Eden Finley (Franklin U. Season 2, Book 8) - Includes Pre-Order Link!

 CR TY Banner

Twincerely Yours
By Eden Finley

Twincerely Yours Cover

Cover Designer: Natasha Snow
Model: Ivan
Photographer: Wander Aguiar

Coming July 26th

Franklin University Series Season 2, Book 8


My twin brother and I have gotten ourselves into a lot of messes growing up. We would constantly switch places to escape consequences while protecting each other at every cost.

But sleeping with Ben’s professor is a whole new level of mess, because there’s something Jonah doesn’t know. He might have been Ben’s professor last semester, but the person he was lecturing wasn’t Ben. It was me.


From the moment I meet Emmett, I know he looks familiar but I can’t pinpoint where from. It’s not until I see his twin brother in the quad that I put two and two together.

Dating the sibling of one of my ex-students isn’t a huge problem for me, but I can’t help thinking the twins are hiding something.

The more time I spend with Emmett, the more I fall for him, but as my insecurity grows, so does my worry that I’m being played.

When my heart and my gut tell me two different things, I don’t know which to trust. My gut tells me to cut and run, but my heart won’t let me. Even though I’ve been telling myself to hold back, it’s too late. I’m already in too deep.

Pre-Order Universal Link

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Series Banner CR FUS2

Enter the Giveaway:

To celebrate the next season of Franklin U & this cover reveal, we are giving away 2 advanced e-copies of Twincerely Yours!

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IG Sized Series CR Twin Shenanigans(1)

IG Sized CR TY 2

Eden Finley Logo

About the Author

Eden Finley writes MM and MMM romances and is most known for her stories about athletes.

Connect with Eden: