Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fall Training kickoff!

So today was day 1 of my Fall race training schedule-30 minutes of cross-training. Decided to take an easy walk around the neighborhood...threw in a single run interval just for kicks but overall took it very easy with an average 19mm pace. Temperature was 77 degrees with 77% humidity and one of those barely-there breezes after we had storms come through this afternoon. At least it was better than if I had gone out this morning--by the time I woke up it was already in the 80s. Yeah, just love SoFla summer weather.

I'm thinking I'll be moving most of my cross training indoors for a couple of months...but not the miles for run/walks. I just can't do that on a treadmill, no how no way. Kudos to those of you who can...I'll brave the heat and humidity (what the heck, I'm a South Florida native, I'm used to it anyway).

Anyway, on tap for tomorrow is upper body weights plus yoga. I'm looking forward to getting back to yoga, I always feel so nice and stretched out afterward. I'm hoping that adding it along with regular strength/core training will help out when my back muscles get sore while walking/running. I really suck at staying on a regular core training schedule--upper body weights I love, lower body is okay...but core? Ugh, double ugh and phooey. Yeah, I know once my core is strengthened it gets better but dang, the road to getting there is HARD.

You know what they say though...nothing worth having is ever easy. And..........

And so, gotta make sure I do it!