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New Release-Review: ALWAYS by RJ Scott (Single Dads #4)



(Single Dads 4)

by RJ Scott

Release - March 29th, 2021

Lives change in an instant, but with family found and forever love, there is always hope.

Impetuously putting his life on the line, Adam saved a child trapped in a car wreck and suffered career-ending injuries. Living with chronic pain, and at his lowest moments, he had friends who wouldn't let him give up, a family who had his back, and even though his future was different from what he'd always planned, he at least had hope. When Cameron and Finn land on his doorstep, he never dreamed that he would fall in love with the small family or that maybe he'd get to be a hero again. 

Cameron goes from being a devoted husband to a single dad overnight. With his neatly planned future in ruins, he will do anything to make a new life for his son, even if it means moving to the other side of the country. Renting a room from Adam is the first step in making a home for him and Sam, but falling for the former firefighter was never part of the plan.

The shadows from Cameron's past might take a long time to touch this fragile future, but will he have to face the consequences alone when they do? Or will there always be hope?

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Carra's Review

Always has a double dose of hurt/comfort with some starting over thrown in, and it’s all done without becoming overly angsty.  Adam is healing from his injuries, and Cameron from his broken heart and the loss of what he thought was his family (though things weren’t picture perfect for a while).  It’s the perfect setup for some mutual healing, with the constant background reminder that Cam and his son Finn won’t be staying as Cam has his sights set on a different life for them where no one from his time in New York can find him.

Of course you know the close proximity of Adam and Cam in the same home helps to ramp things up, but both men have hurdles to clear while they each find their way back to some semblance of normal in their lives.  Cam is always the protective father, wanting to make sure that Finn never has to deal with the issue that caused them to leave New York.  Finn is also very protective of his dad, and is definitely older and wiser than his years.  To be honest, Finn was my favorite character ;-)

I liked that nothing was rushed, and that both men had time to heal without any cure-all being thrown into the mix to speed things up.  The pace was just right for healing and for falling for each other.  The bit of drama thrown in near the end was expected at some point, but pretty quickly handled so it felt like only a blip in the overall story.

It was great being able to see the characters from the previous books, and I’m already looking forward to Nick’s story.  Always was a truly enjoyable read, and is getting 4.5 stars from me.  This book is for readers 18+ for adult language and sexual content.


  1. Single - 
  2. Today -
  3. Promise - 
  4. Always - 
  5. Listen (Coming late Summer)
  6. Pride (Coming Christmas)

About the Author

RJ Scott, author of M/M romance.

Writing love stories with a happy ever after – cowboys, heroes, family, hockey, single dads, bodyguards


USA Today bestselling author RJ Scott has written over one hundred romance books. Emotional stories of complicated characters, cowboys, single dads, hockey players, millionaires, princes, bodyguards, Navy SEALs, soldiers, doctors, paramedics, firefighters, cops, and the men who get mixed up in their lives, always with a happy ever after.

She lives just outside London and spends every waking minute she isn’t with family either reading or writing. The last time she had a week’s break from writing, she didn’t like it one little bit, and she has yet to meet a box of chocolates she couldn’t defeat.

Website - Newsletter - Email - BookBub - Amazon - Pinterest - Goodreads - Instagram - Twitter - Facebook Group - Facebook Profile

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New Release-Review & Excerpt: SHOW ME by Neve Wilder (Extracurricular Activities #3) - Includes Giveaway!

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Show Me 

by Neve Wilder


Extracurricular Activities, Book 3

Two roommates. One camera. A whole lot of action. 

I get crushes the way some people get seasonal allergies.

And sharing a house with four hot roommates is like being stuck in permanent spring.

Too bad I keep getting friend-zoned.

But it’s senior year now, and I’m done pining for the impossible.

Time to live it up and go out with a bang.

Or a lot of bangs.

And I’m definitely, definitely not getting attached to anyone.

Especially not my straight, gym-loving, football-player roommate Sam whose impressively large... smile I caught a glimpse of once.

Or several times.

That’s why, when Sam asks me for help with a very special, very NSFW project so he can make a little cash, of course I agree. In the name of friendship.

And if it turns out that Sam’s more than just muscles—that he’s sweet, and smart, and a little bit filthy, and a whole lot less straight than I thought—well, that’s neither here nor there, because this time I’m gonna be smart. This time, I’m friend-zoning myself. 

We’ve got a list of deliciously hot scenarios, a camera, and Sam’s huge… smile. What could possibly go wrong?

From the author of Want Me comes the third new adult college romance in the Extracurricular Activities series. Expect low angst, high heat, plenty of laughs, a flustered redhead, a gentle giant of a football player, and enough BDE to power a mid-size city.

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Show Me Tagline 1

Special Release Blitz Excerpt

Mark glanced over his shoulder and waved to the approaching Adonis before turning back to me. “I worked with John this summer. Want me to introduce you? He’s awesome.”

“F*ck yes,” I hissed in a tone that I hoped was not too desperate. Nate’s amused glance suggested it was. Easy for him to be smug, though, with his own personal sexual Svengali sitting at his side. 

Mark made introductions, and John took the seat next to me when Mark got up. Turned out he was a third-year law student, which ticked one more of my boxes. He wasn’t too big, wasn’t too small. Wasn’t too arrogant or shy either, and he had a nice, easy laugh. 

“So you’re a third-year, huh?” I said. “Do you think you’ll join the law firm where you and Mark are interning… What’s it called?”

“Preston, Beasley, and Waring.” John smiled. “I hope so. That’s the plan.”

Sam snapped his fingers suddenly and pointed at John, startling me. “I just figured out who you are!” He said it like he was about to pull John’s face off, Scooby-Doo-style, and reveal him to be the crooked innkeeper haunting the overdecorated estate. “You’re a Sigma Alpha. Class of…” Sam squinted. “2014. No…2012.”

“I am, indeed.” John grinned. “Good call.” 

They proceeded to exchange their stupid frat handshake.

“I’ve been playing a lot of pool recently. I thought your face was familiar,” Sam said.

“Ahh yeah. I spent many hours in that library. So they’ve still got all the class portraits on the wall?”

“Yep. You need to come by again soon.”

“I should. It’s been a while.”

They toasted each other, instant chums, and a prickle of jealousy ran through me. I supposed that was one benefit of being a frat rat.

“Have you ever really looked at the portrait of class of ’68?” John’s brow lifted in a mischievous arch, one that was supposed to result from me saying something witty. 

Sam busted up laughing. “Yes! Every single one of them have the same exact mustache. It’s hilarious.”

I folded my arms over my chest and stared meaningfully at Sam. Wingman, my ass. “Should we switch seats so it’ll be easier for you two to talk?”

“Nah.” Sam grinned cheerily at me. “We’re good.” He turned his attention back to John. “So…wait, were you also the class that nailed all of the chapter room chairs to the ceiling?”

This was fine. I totally enjoyed being a net over which conversation was volleyed back and forth. 

John grinned. “Guilty.”

“Oh man, that was awesome.” 

They droned on while I moved on to a mojito, and finally Sam wandered off and it was just me and John again.

Go time. I fixed him with my most winsome smile. “So I imagine you must spend a lot of time at the firm, then. Mark makes it sound pretty cutthroat.” I tilted my head to show I was invested in his response and angled slightly toward him to demonstrate I was interested in him as a person. People skills. I had them.

“It’s competitive, yeah, but not all the bad. There are plenty of late nights, though, and more ahead.” John then launched into a good three-minute soliloquy about the cases he was working on and some of the complexities of employment law until my eyes started glazing over. 

That was okay, though. I wasn’t trying to marry him or anything, just see what he had on under those khakis. Probably boxer briefs, if I had to guess. Probably a decently sized c*ck that he used decently in bed. Both were totally acceptable for a night or two of fun.

“Hopefully some of those are the fun kind of late nights?” I gave him a slow once-over, and the corner of his mouth quirked. “Do you have anyone who brings you dinner up there?” The twinkle in his eyes suggested he enjoyed my lack of subtlety. Hook, line, and sinker. Now I just had to get him in my metaphorical bucket. Or, more likely, his literal car, since I hadn’t driven. Hopefully he had. Otherwise maybe there was somewhere on the premises we could—

“Jesse’s a great cook. Er, chef.” I gave Sam a flat stare that he failed to properly interpret. He cocked his head, wrinkling his nose in thought. “Chef? Or cook? Whatever. His food’s good.” He handed John another beer and then passed me something peach colored. 

“What’s this?”

“Bellini. Isn’t that what you were drinking? It looked similar.”

That hadn’t been the question I was actually asking, but in my confusion over being brought a drink in the first place, I answered, “It was a peach mojito.”

“Oh, well, hang on.” He snatched the Bellini back.

“Wait—” I blurted, but he’d already set off toward the bar again.

John and I watched as he navigated the crowd.

“He seems nice. Roommate, yeah?” John asked, and I could tell by the way he was studying Sam’s ass exactly what calculations were taking place.

I settled back in my chair and laced my fingers over my belt. F*ck me, it was hard being a nice guy sometimes. Too hard. I opened my mouth to pick up our earlier conversation, but my brain-mouth connection malfunctioned. “If you dare him to suck your d*ck, he’ll probably do it, because he’s pretty competitive. But he’s otherwise straight. On the other hand, I don’t require dares. I’ll suck a d*ck because I enjoy it. And Sam’s correct. I’m a really good cook. I’m even better at sucking c*ck.”

John choked on a mouthful of beer. “Was not expecting that. Alrighty, then.”

I handed him a napkin. “You learn all sorts of fascinating things living in a house with four other guys,” I offered chastely.


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Carra's Review

I found Show Me to be a uniquely set up story that allowed for plenty of fun directions for our main characters to take things.  The project with which Jesse is helping Sam…well, let’s just say it allows for a LOT of creativity, and the option to take things from the everyday to the exciting and beyond.  Jesse and Sam?  Yeah, they take advantage of that—and at first without any personal intentions.  

What I thought the author did exceedingly well with this story was making their relationship feel like it had an absolutely natural progression, and it’s evolution never felt forced.  The feelings that developed were inevitable (I mean, come on—you know this is a romance going in), but developed at a pace that wasn’t rushed.  No deliberately placed misunderstandings, no over-the-top behavior; instead you’ll find plenty of spice, naughtiness, and boundary-testing—and not always in private.

Bonus?  You’re going to laugh.  A lot.  Another bonus?  If you’ve already read the first two books in the series (and if you haven’t you should…you really, really should), you’ll find your favorite characters here in Show Me.  Don’t worry though if you haven’t read them yet, this book stands on its own just fine.

Loved the story, couldn’t help but love Jesse, Sam, and the two of them together, and find myself offering up all five stars for Show Me.  Do yourself a favor and pick this one up (and the rest of the series if you haven’t already), just remember this book is meant for readers 18+ for adult language and sexual content.


About the Author:

Neve Wilder lives in the southern United States, where the summers are hot and the winters are...sometimes cold.

She reads promiscuously, across multiple genres, but her favorite stories always contain an element of romance. Incidentally, this is also what she likes to write. Slow-burners with delicious tension? Yes. Whiplash-inducing page-turners, also yes. And every flavor in between.

She believes that love conquers all. Except the heat index in July. Nothing can conquer that bastard.

For updates on new releases, giveaways, and other fun stuff, subscribe to her newsletter at:

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Connect with Neve:
IG: @nevewilder
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Spotlight-Excerpt: CLAW OF EXILE by J.K. Jones

Claw of Exile

by J.K. Jones 

Publisher: Self-published

Release Date: February 20, 2021 

Genre/s: MM werewolf romance, interracial romance, MM paranormal romance, Action and adventure,

Tropes: Enemies to lovers 

Heat Rating:  4 flames  

Length:  68 995 words

It is the first book in the series. Book 2 due to be released in December. 

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He kills to survive 



Cursed. Abandoned. Ryu Suzuki is no stranger to these things.

For years he wandered the Outlands with nothing but his Katana to keep him safe. Kuroi kage—Black Shadow is what they call him. A phantom Omega. He belongs nowhere. He is no-one. Until a vicious disease spreading like wildfire threatens everyone he loves.

After a series of unfortunate events, the game changes. Now he’s forced to go back to his long-forgotten pack, the Silvercrest Howlers. Suddenly, he’s staring at the man who ruined everything in the first place.

The Alpha that betrayed him. The White Lotus.

Micah McCorbyn.

He also happens to be his mate.

Claw of Exile is a dark MM romance series. Each book is a whirlwind experience, high octane and will have you at the edge of your seat. Enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, hurt comfort, gay paranormal romance, gay betrayal romance and so much more. Follow Ryu into the Exiled series and strap yourself in for a wild ride.


Chapter 1

The Outlands

Yokohama Japan 21’

Ryu Suzuki is rotten.

Like all forbidden fruit, they say, he appears lush with deliciousness, but his insides are the color brown, sodden with the foul stench of bacteria. They are black and blue they say, slimy green, covered with rot and deterioration. It’s disgusting to look at.

The fruit is shriveled up, with pus oozing through the thick skin. On the outside he looks perfectly normal, shining—shimmering in the light, deceiving everyone.

Ryu is the picture of ripening fruit, ample with flavor, ready to be tasted and explored by anyone who dared. Conversely, among other fruits, he would never let on his infectious disease until it was too late, and it spread.

They say Ryu Suzuki is indeed rotten to the core.

His bitter hands grip the headboard as the man above moves forcefully. The durable bend and twists of his hips make him choke violently, back arching off the bed, pale skin shining in the moonlight.

His hair sprawls like a black curtain, long and silky in the sheets. Earlier that day, it had been upon him, the slick and fever of desire, so ripe and deep it made him wrench in anguish.

Ryu found the closest Alpha, decent size, large and empowering, and released his intoxicating scent. No Alpha could ever resist. Ryu lured him into his tiny apartment, no more the size of a small box, with the bathroom and kitchen all being in one spot.

The Alpha didn’t ask questions, he tossed Ryu onto the bed, tearing off his clothes in a deep rage that would later consume him in his rut.

No kisses. No words of any kind.

Just lips, teeth, and skin.

F*ck—the man licks down the pale column of his neck, lapping at the skin, tonguing his glans, causing passion to tear through him.

He comes again for the fifth time that evening, soaking the Alpha and the sheets. This goes on for several more hours. When it’s over, they are both covered in sweat, the stench of sex and freesia filling the room.

The Alphas knot dies down.

And Ryu knows what’s coming next. The Alpha stands, barely letting the air cool around them, throwing on his tight white t-shirt and jeans, his physique muscular, arms rippling and straining against the fabric.

He isn’t bad looking.

Just not at all Ryu’s type.

“You got a mate?” The Alpha asks.

They all did. Ryu ignores the question, lazily stroking his flat stomach, noting the sharp arch of his hip bones. He hasn’t eaten in days.

“Silent type eh?” The Alpha probes. “Look…. I only did this because you seemed desperate.”

That’s what they all say. Ryu wants to crackle in maniacal laughter. He doesn’t though, his eyes watch coolly, like a feline.

“You have a mate,” he continues. “I can tell. Your Māku is strong, very strong. He must be a powerful Alpha. You shouldn’t be wandering around here without him. Whatever happened between you two… it doesn’t matter…the stench of another Alpha on his Omega is enough to drive one mad…”

Isn’t that what Ryu wants? To drive his Alpha mad? He turns his head away dismissively. This conversation is over.

About the Author 

Heaven and hell, demons and angels. J.K Jones has always had an affinity for otherworldly things. From her debut novel, it’s easy to see she loves all things crawling in the shadows. As it so happens, J.K Jones is the author of a gritty, fun, action-packed, soul-rending novel. Her characters are so dark and twisted they defy the dimensions of this world. She does not believe in HEA, she does believe in writing a suitable ending for her characters. Never will you read any of her works where the characters ride off into the sunset together. Not going to happen. There is nothing J.K. Jones loves more than a tragic ending. She is an avid reader, poet, and LGBTQ activist. She is a University graduate with a BA in Sociology, also has a TESOL certificate for teaching English as a Second Language.

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Audiobook Review: LOOSE ENDS by Morgan Brice (Badlands #4), Narrated by Kale Williams

Loose Ends

(Badlands #4)

by Morgan Brice

Publisher: Darkwind Press

Narrator: Kale Williams

Release Date: January 19, 2021

Genre: Urban fantasy M/M paranormal romance

Trope/s: Established and evolving relationship, problems with an ex, hurt/comfort

Themes: facing the past, rebuilding trust, found family 

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length: 6 hours and 22 minutes

It’s #4 in the Badlands series, but can be read/listened as a standalone story.

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Cold cases, old enemies, ex-lovers, and vengeful spirits—will Simon and Vic solve the case or become the newest ghosts of the Grand Strand?


Cold cases, old enemies, ex-lovers, and vengeful spirits are making life dangerous for psychic medium Simon Kincaide and his boyfriend, homicide detective Vic D'Amato.

The ghosts of Myrtle Beach are restless, trapped by love, secrets, scandals, and spells, keeping Simon busy protecting the living from the unhappy dead. Someone from Vic's past is out to destroy him and everyone he holds dear, and the high-profile trial of the first case Simon and Vic worked together puts them in the spotlight - and put a target on their backs. As a deadly trap closes around them, can Simon and Vic tie up the loose ends to stop the threat, or will they become the newest ghosts of the Grand Strand?

Carra's Review

I always love returning to these characters in this series.  There is a lot going on this time around here in Loose Ends.  Simon has quite a few ghosts who need his attention, and while he’s being kept busy helping them out his partner Vic’s life seems to be getting attacked left and right.  Someone sure has it out for him, with at first minor inconveniences eventually growing into life-threatening situations.  Just another day for these guys, right?

People from both Vic and Simon’s pasts are coming out of the woodwork, throwing multiple wrenches into their lives.  Family and former lovers are doing their best here to turn things upside down; enough is going on to sow seeds of doubt in their relationship.  

There always seems to be something going on here, and even as it appears they might be solving one issue another just pops right up.  It does keep you on your toes as the story progresses, and my attention was fully engaged through the entire book.  The author does a great job weaving different folklore aspects into the story, something I’ve come to expect in their books.

Even though Simon and Vic are an established couple, their relationship does experience growth here with the tests to their trust in each other.  The events of the story serve as a reminder of the strength of their commitment, and both of them come to some important realizations of exactly what they want.

Though this book is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone.  I think you’ll get more out of it if you read the preceding stories, but it shouldn’t be a dealbreaker and there is enough explanation to know what’s going on without feeling like you’re missing anything.  Loose Ends was a 4.5-star read for me, and is another excellent addition to the Badlands series.

The narration: Kale Williams delivers a solid performance with consistent differentiation between character voices and even pacing.  His narration definitely kept me focused on the story, and I wound up listening to it in one sitting.  4.5 stars for the narration.

About the Author

Morgan Brice is the romance pen name of bestselling author Gail Z. Martin. Morgan writes urban fantasy male/male paranormal romance, with plenty of action, adventure and supernatural thrills to go with the happily ever after. Gail writes epic fantasy and urban fantasy, and together with co-author hubby Larry N. Martin, steampunk and comedic horror, all of which have less romance, more explosions. Characters from her Gail books make frequent appearances in secondary roles in her Morgan books, and vice versa.

On the rare occasions Morgan isn’t writing, she’s either reading, cooking, or spoiling two very pampered dogs.

Series include Witchbane, Badlands, Treasure Trail, Kings of the Mountain and Fox Hollow. Watch for more in these series, plus new series coming soon! 

Website  |  Audible Profile  |  Amazon profile

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Audiobook Review & Giveaway: HIDE AND SEEK by TM Smith (Stories from the Sound - All Cocks Stories #6)

Hide and Seek

Stories from the Sound (All Cocks Stories) book 6

by TM Smith

Publisher: TTC Publishing

Narrator: Mackenzie Brennan

Release Date: February 12, 2021

Genre:  M/M Romance

Trope/s: Strangers to lovers

Themes:  Hurt/comfort

Heat Rating: 4 flames

Length:  7 hours and 7 minutes

It is book 6 in the series.

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Audible US  |   Audible UK 

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Truths come out and trust is put to the test. Can the All Cocks family find the happiness they deserve?


Dusty Anderson left his hometown in Justin, Texas, for the Big Apple not long after graduating high school with dreams of becoming an actor. A year later, no closer to realizing his dream but pretty damn close to being broke, he comes across a flyer in a local gay bar that provides a solution to his dilemma.

Six years later, Dusty has all but forgotten his dream to be an actor. The family he gained when he went to work at All Cocks and the job itself are enough for him - for now, at least.

David Thompson is barely 21, high on life and starting his second year at NYU as an art student. Now that he is old enough to enjoy the city’s nightlife, David finds his first crush at a local hot spot in the village, The Monster Bar. Young love is laid to rest, though, when David comes out to his mother and older brother...with disastrous results.

A tragic incident at the hands of David’s brother changes the course of all of their lives and brings the two together, but is it coincidence or fate? Regardless of unlikely circumstance, Dusty is inexplicably drawn to David, who suddenly finds himself alone in the world. Protective of David from the start, Dusty realizes his extended family at All Cocks and his best friend Kory will not understand this new relationship. Fearing the worst, Dusty plays a dangerous game of hide-and-seek, risking everything to keep David safe and sheltered.

But hiding can only last for so long, and David and Dusty aren’t the only ones dealing with uncertainties. The Dimir men find that the one thing they’ve longed for might be within reach and Dusty’s father, Dean, arrives in town unexpectedly with secrets of his own.

Note: This book was previously released in the All Cocks Stories series. This book is intended for mature listeners due to adult content.

Carra's Review

What is it about a story where the two lead characters are inexplicably drawn to each other that pulls me in? From the start in Hide and Seek Dusty is drawn to David, like he can't help but be captivated by this sweet, innocent, broken young man-ever before they even officially meet. It's David's innocence that seems to encourage Dusty's attachment to him from the moment Dusty sees him, and also provokes a fierce protective streak in Dusty, starting them on the path to friendship and so much more.

I simply adored both Dusty and David. Dusty is independent, caring and lives his life on his own terms. Before the incident with his brother, David was not accepted by his brother or mother because he is gay, and was subject to emotional and eventually physical abuse-which ultimately led to David and Dusty finding each other. Their relationship evolves slowly, with Dusty trying to do what's best for David-even if that means suppressing his own feelings. At least, until he discovers those feelings are returned. Dusty's unconditional caring and acceptance of David helps David feel safe and comfortable, and soon leads to so much more between them.

This story is filled with intense emotions, and touches on situations that no one should ever have to go through-especially with their own family. My heart went out to David for all that he had to endure, and even after finishing the story he still owns a piece of it. To me, Dusty was like a knight in shining armor, and the way he constantly looked out for David and kept trying to protect him was heartwarming and obviously fueled by the deep feelings it was obvious he developed early on. 

I loved seeing all the characters from the previous All Cocks books, and the way the feeling of family among them all continues to grow and evolve in this story. In addition to Dusty and David's relationship, we get glimpses into the lives of the other couples and throuples and get to share in new developments with them that any follower of the series will be ecstatic to discover. For me, it did feel like there was a lot going on in the last 10-15% of the story, almost a bit too much, but it does set the stage for the continuation of the series-and I can't wait to see where things go from here!

Hide and Seek was a 4.5-star read for me, and I think it's perfect addition to the series. It's sweet with a heavy dash of spice, and I think readers will find Dusty and David an absolutely wonderful match. This story could be read as a standalone, but honestly it's my opinion that you'll enjoy it a heck of a lot more if you read this series in order since the events that result in Dusty and David meeting feature prominently in the prior stories. I highly recommend this story to M/M romance fans, and this is for readers 18+ only due to adult language and M/M sexual content, as well as scenes of physical abuse and trauma.

The narration: This was the first book I’ve listened to by this narrator.  I thought he did a good job with differentiation in character voices and also with injecting emotion at point where it was needed.  The pacing varied a little bit with some pauses at points I wouldn’t expect, and was a bit slower than I’m used to, but overall it was still an enjoyable listen.  3.5 stars for the narration.

About the Author 

A military brat born and raised at Ft. Benning Georgia; Smith is an avid reader that just happens to write sweet & sexy gay romance. A Texas transplant, she now calls DFW her home. Most days she can be found curled up with a good book, or ticking away on her next novel.

Smith is a single mom of three disturbingly outspoken and decidedly different kids, one of which is Autistic. Besides her writing, she is passionate about Autism advocacy and LGBT rights. Because, seriously people, Love is Love!

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New Release-Review & Excerpt: BLOOD ON TAP by Riley Long - Includes Giveaway!

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Blood On Tap 

by Riley Long

BLOOD ON TAP ebook high-res


What’s a retired rockstar vamp to do in a quaint, quiet English town?
Buy the only pub, make it a vampire haven, and flirt incessantly with my one and only employee, of course.

I hate everything about my new boss.
His face. His arrogant smile.
The way he acts like he knows everything.
I hate him so much I just want to… kiss him? What the hell?

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Riley Long on Goodreads

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He grinned at me again, his smile light and genuine.


“You have paint on your face.” He gestured towards his cheekbone.

I raised my eyebrows and swiped at my own cheekbone immediately. “Is it gone?”

Drew chuckled. “It’s probably mostly dry by now. You just made it worse.” He picked up a rag and took it to the tap to dampen it. As he moved around, his muscles worked smoothly. The lines of his back shifted and my gaze dropped to the swell of his—no. I shook my head. What had come over me? Why was I thinking about Drew’s ass, of all things? He was insufferable, a typical guy, a typical vampire, and here I was, watching him.

He returned with a damp rag and wiped my cheek with it, pressing into my face slightly with his fingertips to remove the paint. His other hand went to my waist to steady himself, to hold me in place while he washed my face. The warmth of his touch startled me. The softness of his fingertips as they dug into my muscle made me ache with longing. We were so close only a breath separated us. If either of us leaned forward even the slightest bit, we could have pressed our bodies together and…

“There you go,” Drew murmured, so close to my face that I held my breath. “Better.”

I leaned in, closing the gap between us, and pressed my mouth to Drew’s. He inhaled sharply in surprise but his lips softened and parted, his tongue slipping out to meet mine. I hadn’t kissed anyone in so long, so many years, but it came naturally. I opened to him slowly and the gentleness almost brought tears to my eyes. Drew’s hand moved to my waist to tug me in gently. The space between our bodies evaporated as Drew pulled me close, my chest constricting as he did. My hands brushed the back of Drew’s neck and I gripped him tightly.

We kissed for long minutes, never going farther than that, just moving our lips and tongues slowly together, getting to know one another. I felt Drew’s hard length pressing against my groin and mine mirrored his, aching for more. The kiss, though, was languid, almost sleepy, nothing rushed or hurried about it.

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Carra's Review

I loved the idea of Nova being more of a quiet, keeps to himself, homebody type of vampire.  It is the opposite of how vampires usually are portrayed, and it made it easier for me to identify with his character.  When Drew shows up, he does pull Nova a bit out of his comfort zone.  Drew is confident, optimistic, and thinks he has a great idea with his plan to turn a town of primarily vampires into one where they are the only residents.  Well, with some “food” around as needed of course.

It’s an interesting setup, though the execution is relatively straightforward with not much drama until near the end.  The relationship that develops between Nova and Drew is sweet with just that right touch of heat.  

There are two conflicts that arise late in the story, one that’s a pet peeve of mine between Nova and Drew as the type conflict between them I am tired of seeing in romances.  The other, something that threatens more than just their relationship, felt like too much of a coincidence and a bit forced to me.  These points along with some minor continuity issues in the beginning of the book did pull me out of the story just a touch.

Overall though, I did enjoy reading Blood on Tap and am giving it 3.5 stars.

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About the Author:

Riley Long is a wife and mother living a quiet life in Virginia, with her husband, son, and one goofy pit bull. She passes her evenings writing, reading, and watching bad television (or not so bad television). For fun, Riley participates in NaNoWriMo, GISH, and reads with her book club, the BAMFs. She likes things with silly acronyms. The craziest thing Riley has ever done involves whipped cream and hugs. Riley writes sweet and sexy romance, with a special place in her heart for hipsters and musicians.

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Monday, March 1, 2021

New Release & Excerpt: AN ECHO IN THE SORROW by Hailey Turner (Soulbound VI)


An Echo in the Sorrow

 by: Hailey Turner

Series: Soulbound 6

Publisher: Self-published

Release Date (Print & Ebook/Audio): March 1, 2021

Length (Print & Ebook/Audio):  117,943 words

Subgenre: LGBTQ Urban Fantasy

Cover artist: AngstyG LLC

Purchase on


Book blurb

Forgiveness is a hollow prayer you only hear in your dreams.


Patrick Collins has spent years handling cases as a special agent for the Supernatural Operations Agency, even as his secret standing in the preternatural world has changed. He should have confessed to his role as co-leader of the New York City god pack when he and Jonothon de Vere took up the mantle months ago, but he didn’t. Now that split loyalty will cost him at a time when he can least afford it.


Outmaneuvered, framed for murder, and targeted by the Dominion Sect, Patrick has to face a past full of lies to regain his freedom. Revealing the truth means he’ll need to give up the life that has defined him. Everything he’s fought to build with his pack is at stake, and losing them isn’t a price Patrick is willing to pay, but some choices aren’t his to make.


Jono knows they can’t cede any more territory if they want to win the god pack civil war spilling into the streets of New York City. But the souls of werecreatures are free for the taking when demons come to town and angels sing a warning no one can ignore. When Jono’s worst fear comes to life, and he loses the one person he can’t live without, the only option left is to fight.


Facing down the demons of their past and the ones in their present, Patrick and Jono will learn the hard way that some sins never wash away clean.


An Echo in the Sorrow is a 118k word m/m urban fantasy with a gay romantic subplot. It is a direct sequel to On the Wings of War. Reading the first book in the series would be helpful in enjoying this one.


It’d been four years since the end of the Thirty-Day War. Four years since Ashanti had delivered the gods-given dagger into his hands and willingly sacrificed herself to break Ethan’s spell. The guilt Patrick had carried since then hadn’t faded with her resurrection by way of the Morrígan’s staff. Weeks wasn’t enough time to come to terms with the hidden details of Ashanti’s myth and a grief that had been ultimately misplaced.

Maybe he should’ve looked harder at her history, but he’d been a child when Ashanti came into his life, and gods were meddlesome and uncaring in the face of immortality. Ashanti was no different than Persephone and all the others who tore Patrick apart with their demands in that way. But in some ways, she was kinder. She had never treated him as anything but what he was—a weapon to be used until his soul debt was paid in full.

About the Author

Hailey Turner is a big city girl who spoils her cats rotten and has a demanding day job that she loves, but not as much as she loves writing. She's been writing since she was a young child and enjoys reading almost as much as creating a new story.

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