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My new release “Detective Fox and the Christmas Caper” is book #1 in my new M/M Comedy/Mystery series ‘Dick and the Sidekick’.  With this book I not only introduce a wonderful new couple, Tom and Eli, I also aim to bring some well earned laughs and a little surprise kink to readers during the stressful build up to the holiday season.  
The hero of the hour, Detective Fox, is actually a character in a quaint British murder mystery television series ‘Malmesbury Murders’ and is played by hunky actor and housewives favourite, Tom Lewis.  When we meet Tom he’s down on his luck.  After years of pretending to be straight, Tom’s private life has been revealed to the British tabloid media, who print stories about his ‘shocking gay sexploits’ for months.  The social media furor and negative press leads to the next season of Tom’s show being put on hold.  Tom is unemployed, bored, and feels like a failure until his agent offers him a seasonal job as Santa in ‘Hambling’s Department Store’ on London’s Regent Street.  Tom has no choice but to accept the job.
So here we have a delightful mix.  A TV Detective starring as Santa in a lavish store grotto, throw in a very sexy elf named Eli Mason, and then a dastardly seasonal scam to rob the store and we have M/M Christmas magic, with hilarious results.  
I wanted this book to make people smile, laugh, and even blush when they find out Tom’s kinky secret, but I also wanted to write a heist that was credible.  I hope I have succeeded at that.  I know my American readers go Christmas crazy so I also wanted to ensure that the seasonal elements and descriptions were spot on.  London is beautiful and magical at Christmas and I believe I have fleshed out the West End of London with its amazing architecture, illuminations, and lavish window displays so readers can feel like they are there.
I hope you enjoy this humorous Christmas adventure.  I plan to get writing on the next mystery story for Tom and Eli in 2017.
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