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Book Review: TRU BURN by Edie Danford (Ember Peak #2)


Series: Ember Peak #2
by Edie Danford


As snow flies across Ember Peak, Jones and Tru are making their own kind of warmth, but a family secret could send a chill over their future plans.
Jones Hudson is ending the year the right way. He’s taking his sexy fiancĂ© and his sweet dog on a fun road-trip to visit his mom’s new family. He’s found a groove with new friends at Ember Peak Ranch and his job at a local diner. And, best of all, he’s regularly basking in the flame-hot love of Tru Larkin.

But things go unexpectedly wrong when Jones uncovers news that may change life at Ember Peak forever. And when the secret detonates, the after-burn is more painful than he or Tru could have imagined.

Tru knows it might be too late to save the season, but he’s determined to move forward with his planned surprise for Jones. When a blizzard knocks out power at Ember Peak, he’s forced to rethink his ideas on giving and forgiving. Maybe it’s the gift of a simple vow that will burn brightest on a dark, starless night.

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Carra's Review

I very much love Tru and Jones together. They fit so perfectly and have some amazing chemistry. Here in Tru Burn, we get to see plenty of the two of them together (oh so VERY hot), and get to see just how deep the connection between them runs during the times they are apart and then come back together. The thing about this story is that it's mostly just an account of their time together from Thanksgiving to Christmas, and the angst factor is pretty low.

Yes, there is a spot of drama with the "family secret"...but honestly, to me it just felt like a tiny blip in their relationship, not like something that would threaten them being together. It is so totally obvious to me how committed the two of them are to each other, and how much they love each other that I really was not concerned at all about what might happen between them. I was actually more annoyed with Sandra for putting Jones in the position she did.

The story did let my attention wander from time to time during the moments that were just about day-to-day life, balanced with the times Tru and Jones are together-particularly after being separated by work and family matters-where the emotion of the two of them together shines through. This resulted in a 3.5-star read for me. I do recommend that this be read after Tru Smoke so you know the background of the characters otherwise you may find this story to be not quite as interesting. I'd recommend this to M/M romance fans 18+ for adult language and M/M sexual content.

Meet the Author

Although her extended family hails from the Rockies, the Plains, and the Midwest, Edie has spent the last ten years in her Green Mountain home. She seeks romance wherever and whenever possible.

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