Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Release Day Blitz-Review: WILD ACES by Marni Mann

Wild Aces Synopsis
Trapper Montgomery 
His darkness drew me in. 
A mystery with a past I wanted to solve. 
He was cold, like ice, but set me on fire. 
A heat I hadn't felt in ages. 
But when I saw his face, I burned... 
In mourning

Brea Bradley 
She melted from my voice--shuddered from my touch. 
But trembled from the memories 
That my face brought back. 
She wanted more... 
Maybe even him. 
I wasn't the hand she counted on. 
But I was what she was dealt...

A Wild Ace with no way to win.

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My Review

This is the first time I've read something by this author, and I'm really glad I found her.  Wild Aces was written very well, it had a great flow to it.  When I first started reading, it felt like I was getting a naughty, guilty-pleasure type story...but then it totally grabbed me and had me riveted to its pages as it dragged me down into the depths of its world.  The secrets you can see are obviously there are convoluted and extremely deep--not necessarily what you might think, and there are characters who are not who they seem.
Speaking of characters, I couldn't get enough of Trapper.  He's tough and resilient, with a horrible childhood that will really yank your heartstrings just about out of your body.  He has his share of secrets, and doesn't let just anyone into his life.  Brea has heartbreak in her past but was finally moving on.  When Trapper and Brea first meet and start to form an insanely hot and steamy relationship-before they've ever even seen each other's full faces-you never expect their story to head where it does.
Once they finally see each other, that's when all the craziness starts and they story really swallows you whole...and it won't let you out until its very end.  There's plenty of secrets from both their pasts to unravel, and solving it all will have you pulling a marathon reading session since you won't want to put the book down.
There are some aspects to the story and the secrets that may pose a moral dilemma for some.  I know for me that while I understood the "why" behind one of Trapper's secrets, I struggled with the legalities since I tend to be a very black and white/follow the rules person.  I had to put that aside here.
Wild Aces is sensual, erotic, intriguing and it will command your attention from the moment you start reading.  This was a 4.5-star read for me, and once I finished I was immediately adding the rest of the author's works to my TBR list.  Recommended strictly for the 18+ crowd due to adult language and explicit sexual content, in addition some detailed scenes may be triggers for those sensitive to the topic of child abuse.

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