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Spotlight-Excerpt & Giveaway: SEDUCING SENSEI by S.N. McKibben

Looking for love, Moriel Reis finds it...
but why here?
Seducing Sensei Book Cover
S.N. McKibben
Series: Notice Me Senpai Book 1
Genre: M/M Romance
Publisher: Troll River Publications
Publication Date: March 31, 2017
Looking for love, Moriel Reis finds it-but why here?
A professional teacher by day, Moriel learns that students can sometimes be the best teachers. Eighteen-year-old Scott Cooper and Itsuma Karter, two of his students share similar interests-including lust for each other. Emotions flare when Itsuma challenges "Mr. Reis's" authority.
After Moriel harshly disciplines Itsuma in front of the entire class, the young student vows to regain a piece of his wounded pride back. Torn by loyalty for his smoldering friend and classmate, Scott Cooper watches his homeroom teacher with dreamy, lust-filled eyes.
The heated conflict begins a fiery battle between Itsuma and his teacher. As this passion translation becomes a lustful tale, a surprising "hot for teacher" story becomes a love affair, and a passionate adventure.
This out of the ordinary exploration for the two students allows them entrance into a world of erotic confessions, taking them on a journey into the velvet art of seduction that begins when the fighting ends. But as their taboo sexual persuasions beckon for something more, in lies the question... do two wrongs make a right?
Moriel, Scott, and Itsuma learn the answer.
"Seducing Sensei is a very erotic novel, so be mentally prepared before reading it. It is based on a gay theme but the presentation leans towards light-hearted. The story is unique, sexy, humorous and naughty. Worth reading at least once."
- Sheryl, Amazon Reviewer

Sighing, I pocketed my wire cutters, turned down the hall and went to my classroom. Mr. Goyas brightened my dismay. I wasn’t looking forward to homeroom. The reason—Itsuma Karter. My personal hellion and troublemaker, class clown, ring leader, jailbait agitator. Well, he was technically legal, but trouble all the same. 
The bell rang and Itsuma strolled in like a tomcat who’d been laid the night before. Jealous much? I sighed. 
Itsuma was wearing his infuriating iPod earplugs while in class. Again. For the past week I’d been asking him to leave the MP3 player in his bag. School rules dictated that any devices were to be shut off during school hours. I was within my rights to yell at him for breaking the policy, but I didn’t care during homeroom, usually. 
Smoothing down my imperial mustache, I started roll call.
“Lori Rogers,” I said.
“Jake Rayier.”
“Pierre Gaskal.”
“Good morning.”
I went down, concentrating on the list. Granted, I must have sounded like a bored baby sitter, but the difference between here and university was a world of difference. Especially in student attitude. College at least had some students with a semblance of paying attention. 
“Itsuma Karter,” I said. 
I kept my eyes on the roster, trying not to lose my place on the list. I wasn’t great at names and faces. Something I was trying to work on.
No answer. I looked up. Itsuma’s hand was propped under his chin while he stared out the window. 
Damn it. Yes, I knew he was here. Yes, I should let it go. But the blatant disrespect made my sh*t flip. “Itsuma?” Just f*cking answer. 
Across the way, in the seat next to him, Scott Cooper waved at his classmate, trying to gain his attention. Itsuma even ignored his friend. That was it. Who did he think he was? Why the f*ck was it so hard to just respond to a roll call? Hell, right now, I’d even take an “up yours” as an answer. And I hated losing my place on the roster. 
“Itsuma!” Standing up, I rounded my desk, put my hands in my pockets and made my way towards my problem child. Students leaned away from me as I barreled down the aisle. 
iPod in hand, Itsuma continued to stare outside, acting like he didn’t see me. If he thought he could act like a prick and then turn innocent and gracious like he did yesterday, he was in for a surprise. 
I pulled the wire cutters out of my pocket, snipped the cord and snatched the MP3 player out of his hand. 
Itsuma jerked his head, and in that split-second I saw the molten hate within his pupils. I expected him to scream back, call me nasty names and threaten me with bodily harm. He did nothing but sit there. The darkness in his expression chilled. Fast as a flick he smiled like everything was okay.
“Itsuma Karter,” I said. “At least respond to your name.”
“Yes, Mr. Reis. Sorry about that.” Itsuma batted his eyelashes.
Not buying it. His blasé faire attitude made me want to smack him. Was he just going to pretend everything was hunky-dory even though I’d annihilated his personal property? The school allowed confiscating electronic items. Destroying them—not so much.

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"A unique gay romance novel written by an author who understands the lingo and the erotica of same sex encounters"
- Grady Harp, Amazon Top 100 Reviewer


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About S.N. McKibben

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