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Spotlight-Excerpt & Giveaway: CHOSEN PATH by J. Whitney Williams

Erotic Romance
Date Published: 4/28/2017

Yumiko Itsumoto wants it all. An accomplished artist and feared attorney, she gets what she wants, all else be damned. Now she wants love, even if it means charting a new course for her life, but changing course can be dangerous.  In mere moments, she tumbles from the dizzying pinnacle of success into a bottomless abyss of murder and treachery.  Yumiko will not live happily ever after—not this time—but can she at least find a way to stay alive?

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Editor's review 

Author J. Whitney Williams follows CARRIED AWAY—his surprisingly intelligent and deftly written debut—with a story that is even sexier, more thrilling and more enthralling than the first.
Again taking the reader on a trip across the world, meeting strange people in strange places via a prodigious narrator, CHOSEN PATH follows Yumi, a powerful and apparently dispassionate supporting character introduced in book one. But appearances deceive. Here, the reader is immersed in Yumi—into the very depths of her complex mind, her conflicted yet determined soul, her insatiable sex drive.
When Yumi encounters the woman who she presumes to be the fiancée of the love of her life—perhaps her only true love—she has every reason to seize the opportunity that presents itself to erase the woman from both of their lives forever. It’s no wonder Yumi is the prime suspect for the unfortunate woman’s swift and seemingly heartless murder. Unable to recall herself, Yumi assumes the worst, too. It wouldn’t be the first tragic fate to befall someone who stood in her way—or the last—and cameras don’t lie.
In CHOSEN PATH, Williams explores the very essence of what makes us human. The protagonist, a uniquely flawed yet extraordinarily likable woman of many talents and trades, demonstrates the jealousy and manipulation we see in ourselves and despise in others. At the same time, we’re drawn to Yumi. Geisha. Samurai. Assassin. Pseudo-royalty. Nothing happens to her; she creates. If we all shaped our own circumstances, our destinies, as adroitly as she, what paths would we choose and where would they lead us?


I had a chauffeured car drop me off late enough for the party to have reached its zenith. A handful of yakuza members stood idle near the front door. It was an invitation-only event, so I had worn my invitation. 

One of the men challenged me, asking if I was affiliated with a particular prostitution ring, presumably their own. I backhanded him hard enough to split his lip.

The other men laughed, and the one I hit telegraphed his retaliatory swing so obviously, I was able to step out of his range, raise my eyebrows, and look around the group while his fist swept past my face.

An older fellow who had spent the moment of our confrontation putting out his cigarette called down his younger colleague in a sharp, barking tone. He bowed to me and said, “I beg you to ignore the ignorant impertinence of youth, Geiko-sama, and I welcome you to our humble house.”

Duly ignoring the others, I thanked the polite one for his welcome and walked inside, feeling only a tickle of regret that none of them, not even the polite one, would live to see another sunrise.

About the Author

A mathematician by training and computer programmer by trade, J. Whitney Williams lives and works under the X in Texas, thinking too much and speaking too little.


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