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Blog Tour-Excerpt: MAYBE by Rain Carrington (Denver Diaries)

 TITLE: Maybe
SERIES: Denver Diaries
AUTHOR: Rain Carrington
PUBLISHER: Self Publisher
COVER ARTIST: Rain Carrington
LENGTH: 650 pages

Of all the men in Chaps, the huge leather club in Denver, Colorado, Beast is by far the largest. His size belies his gentle nature, however and has made it hard for him to find his perfect submissive. Either men want him to hurt them, or they run away in terror that he will hurt them. All he wants is a man to pamper and dote on, controlling only his pleasure without pain and to share him with others with group kink play.  

As part of Chaps’s lonely hearts club, he and his best friends commiserate that they will never find their soulmates, or even their matches in their kinky lifestyle, while Rebel and Jack Colton find a new way to keep their fires lit. Meeting Hunter and Ethan Westmore, they discover they had been neglecting their passion and when the men get together, the heat they share cannot be contained.

Sebastian Blacksnake is young and doesn’t believe in love or relationships. He has nowhere to go until, after the death of the man he was staying with, Lonnie Lane and Travis Walton take him into their home and their life. They get him a job at the sub house, a home for displaced submissives, and he meets Beast, who takes an instant like to the much younger man.

Lonnie Lane has a devastating loss in his family and as he deals with the aftermath, he comes to realize that things are missing from his life. He finds a journal and learns things about his lost family member, a story of love and loss that breaks his heart. It also brings him closer than he could ever imagine to Sebastian.

Miscommunications keep Beast and Sebastian apart. Neither realizes for a long time how much they belong together until Sebastian reads the journal and it reaches into his heart, making him open to the thought that he could not only have the freedom he wants, but a great love as well.

With visits from Dennis, Deb, Rebel, Jack, Hunter, Ethan, Brian, Morgan and Pez, this books within a book gives the reader a glimpse into many hearts and many ways of life, with some very unexpected results. Sometimes things work out, sometimes they don’t. After all, all life really is, is maybe…

**Very naughty...18+**

Sebastian felt Beast’s hand slide down his back and light on his ass, drumming there. “I’m not ready to f*ck you yet.”
“What did you say to that Anton?”
Beast laughed wickedly. “I’m not telling.”
Beast’s hands moved, one spreading an ass cheek and the other moving in so his fingers could play with Sebastian’s hole. “Please, Daddy.”
“Tsk, tsk. Here I thought you were a good baby. You don’t listen to Daddy, you don’t get any presents.”
Sebastian was between wanting to push and wanting Beast to keep touching him. “Presents?”
Beast lifted his hand from Sebastian and sucked his fingers, leaving them wet and the next thing Sebastian felt as Beast moved his hand back was two of them pushing inside of him. “Yes, baby boy. Presents.”
Barely hearing him, Sebastian started moving his hips as he was fingered lewdly. Beast was gentle enough, but not so much that Sebastian didn’t feel every movement. He was getting all of the two fingers to the knuckle and Sebastian laid his face on Beast’s chest as his humming moan started. 
It felt wicked and amazing. Getting fingered here, where anyone could walk in and see. “Do you like that, Sebastian?”
Instead of speaking, he nodded on Beast’s chest. 
“Then you’re really going to like this.”
Sebastian didn’t have time to ask what Beast was referring to because he felt another hand on him. His head turned to see a tall man behind him. Where he’d come from, he had no clue, but he was rubbing a hand over Sebastian’s ass while his eyes were glued to what was happening to him. 
“Damn, Beast, this boy of yours is sweet as candy,” the man said.

Beast bit Sebastian’s neck before he introduced them. “Toby, this is my beautiful boy, Sebastian. Sebastian, this is Toby and he wants to f*ck you, unless I’m very mistaken.”

Hi I’m Rain and I write contemporary M/M romance some with a BDSM slant. My book Honky Tonk, is the first I am publishing but not the first I’ve written. I have a whole library full that are about to be rewritten and revamped a bit and published as well. Please enjoy my books and let me know what you think!


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