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New Release-Excerpt & Giveaway: DANIEL by RJ Scott (The Third Legacy)

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Now available in Kindle Unlimited

Length: 51,000 words approx
Cover Design: Meredith Russell

Legacy Series

Kyle - The First Legacy - Amazon US | Amazon UK
Gabriel - The Second Legacy - Amazon US | Amazon UK


Daniel worked hard at college, using coping strategies to shut himself off from any situation that might hurt. But, persistent nightmares and fears for his future drive him to revisit the past. Now Legacy might be the only place to give him a chance at peace.

After the tragic loss of his parents, Corey is head of the family now, and the welfare of his three younger sisters are what matters the most. Corey is desperate to find Daniel, tell him the truth and somehow convince him to keep secrets. Even if this leads to heartbreak.

When the world crumbles around Corey, and Daniel is running scared, Legacy ranch is their only hope.

A new story set in the world of Jack and Riley Campbell-Hayes and the Double D Ranch, Texas.


Chapter 1

Eight years ago

I want to go home.

Daniel Chandler trudged miserably down the long black ribbon of road, tears burning his eyes, and hopelessness tightening his chest. The heat of an August Texas day had subsided to a slightly cooler evening, and the sky was a brilliant mass of stars, but he couldn't bring himself to look up at them anymore.

How had everything gone this badly wrong? Brett had promised that he would take Daniel somewhere far away from his foster family, but one weird question from an inquisitive cashier at a gas station and Brett had panicked. He'd refused to go any further, and said he was going home.

Daniel didn't want to go back to San Antonio. He wanted freedom, and the ability to decide for himself where his life was going. He'd overheard his foster parents talking about how he was a liability; that he costed them more than they made, and he knew it was only a matter of time before they got rid of him anyway.

So he refused to leave with Brett and got out of the car.

Brett didn't care, and he drove away, leaving Daniel stranded.

Daniel kicked a stone, stumbling a little when he misjudged the curve of the road. He'd eaten the cereal bars that Brett had tossed him and used up all the water. Which left him in the heat, without food or drink, and carrying a backpack with limited clothes. He also had books-his favorites, and a wallet which contained nothing more than a couple of hundred dollars he'd saved from his gardening job. The only official thing he had in the bag was his ID.

He'd left his most recent home at six-thirty a.m., with no real idea of where he was going or what he was doing, only knowing he wasn't going to spend another minute in a house where he wasn't wanted.

Hunching his shoulders against the weight of his backpack, he carried on. Sometimes he hummed to a song in his head. Other times he counted the steps he took, but most of the time he stared ahead, not counting or humming at all.

A car pulled up alongside him. No, a truck, and at first his heart leaped. Brett was back. He'd changed his mind and returned to help Daniel.

A female voice called out. "Can we give you a lift somewhere?" she asked through the open window.

Daniel saw she wasn't much older than he was, long blonde hair swept up into a ponytail, her smile wide, her expression kind. A man sat in the driver's seat, but he was in the shadows, and at first, Daniel couldn't make out his face until he leaned forward. The first thing Daniel noticed was the dog collar, then the same kindly smile as the girl. They were clearly related, both fair, with light eyes and an angular balance to their features.

"Hello, young man. My daughter and I are heading to Laredo. Would you like us to take you?"

He smiled at Daniel, this man in black with the white collar. This was an average family. They probably thought he was a hitchhiker and were offering genuine help. If Daniel couldn't trust a man of the cloth traveling with his daughter, then who could he trust? He scanned the road behind him, waiting for Brett to suddenly appear and pick him up, but he was tired, hungry, and verging on desperate.

"Thank you." Daniel opened the back door. He'd never hitchhiked before, didn't know what the etiquette was, but he felt like he should offer to pay. "I can cover gas," he said.

"No need for that," the dad said and extended a hand awkwardly over the seat, which Daniel shook. "Father Frank Martins and this is my daughter Andrea."

Andrea glanced back at him and grinned again. "Hey."

"Daniel," Daniel replied, as mute as usual around a girl as he was with boys. She turned back to the front, and Frank put the truck in drive.

"Buckle up," he said.

Daniel did as he was told. Then settled back for the ride.

"Where are you from?" Frank asked after a few moments of silence, filled only with the soft sound of tires on blacktop.

"San Antonio," Daniel answered.

"Really? What brings you this far south?"

Andrea shushed her dad, "Stop asking him questions, Daddy."

Her dad huffed a gentle laugh. "Sorry." He used the mirror to see Daniel. "You like music?"

Daniel nodded, thankful to Andrea for running interference.

Frank fiddled with the stereo. Country music filled the cab, and Frank hummed along. Andrea was on her phone, as evidenced by the glow of light as screens changed, and Daniel regretted leaving his phone at home. In his mad, stupid, anger, he'd wanted no way for his foster parents to keep tabs on him, but right now, he kind of wished he could phone them. He should pluck up the courage and ask Andrea to borrow hers. Maybe give his foster-parents a quick call, apologize, get them to pick him up, or at least arrange a bus.

They would help him. He didn't doubt that. Even if he'd been an idiot and they wanted to hand him off to the next family, they would never leave a fourteen year old kid stranded miles from home.

"You thirsty?" Frank asked, and before Daniel could answer, Frank had unlocked the glove box and pulled out a bottle of water, passing it back to Daniel.

He took it with grateful thanks and downed a third of it in thirsty gulps. They reached the outskirts of a small town, and the car slowed to a stop outside a cookie-cutter house, a pretty place with manicured lawns.

Andrea turned around to look at Daniel.

"This is where I get out," she announced. "Nice to meet you, Daniel."

I thought they were both going on to Laredo?

Frank turned around as well. "I can take you all the way into the city. It's only another ten minutes or so to the bus station or somewhere like that? A hostel?"

"I'm not sure..."

Frank interrupted, "Or you could stay the night here or a motel. We have one a few blocks down from here."

Andrea shut the door and jogged up to the house, vanishing inside.

"Could I just borrow your phone?" Daniel asked.

Frank smiled, nodded, and pulled out his phone, tutting as he did so. "Oh my, the phone's dead. You want to use my house phone? Or shall I just get you to the city? The bus station, right? They have public phones there."

So many decisions. So many difficult choices, he thought and yawned.

"Yeah." Daniel just wanted to get home.

"Yeah, what?" Frank prompted.

Daniel blinked at him. He was tired, and everything felt kind of hazy. "Yeah, home." Back to his pretend parents and his pretend family, but back to a warm bed.

"Come on. Get in the front here."

Daniel did as he was told, his limbs feeling heavy, and his coordination sh*t. Finally, he was belted in the front, and he closed his eyes briefly, exhaustion washing over him.

"That's a good boy," Frank murmured. "You sleep now."

The country music got quieter, Frank's humming was louder, and the journey to the city took a long time, the car swaying, and Daniel's head thicker, full of softness and a weird kind of peace. He saw fields and signs, but none of them made any sense. Finally, he couldn't fight the overwhelming lethargy, so he slept.

And woke up in hell.

About The Author

RJ's goal is to write stories with a heart of romance, a troubled road to reach happiness, and most importantly, that hint of a happily ever after.

RJ is the author of the over one hundred novels and discovered romance in books at a very young age. She realized that if there wasn't romance on the page, she could create it in her head, and is a lifelong writer.

She lives and works out of her home in the beautiful English countryside, spends her spare time reading, watching films, and enjoying time with her family.

The last time she had a week's break from writing she didn't like it one little bit and has yet to meet a bottle of wine she couldn't defeat.

Email RJ - Goodreads Page - RJ's Blog - RJ on Twitter - Facebook - Library Thing Page - Tumblr (some NSFW (not safe for work) photos) - Pinterest

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Cover Reveal & Giveaway: THE MESSENGER by TM Smith (The Archangel Trilogy #1)

The Messenger 
by TM Smith
The Archangel trilogy book 1
Tentative release date August 31st 2018 


For centuries Gabriel, Michael and Lucifer have worked together, coexisting in the same universe. Gabriel chooses to remain silent and secluded, preferring the garden in the Hall of Souls. He dances beneath the Tree of Life, barefoot and with reckless abandon…until the day he looks into the eyes of another angel and sees the dreams he’s kept silent mirrored there. 
Eons have passed since the moment Michael came to be the general of the All Father’s army in heaven, the protector of mankind. Michael has been in love with Lucifer for as long as he can remember, their relationship second only to his bond with the All Father. But lately, Michael has begun to notice cracks in the surface of their love, sensing that his lover is not as angelic as he seems. 
Lucifer was the All Father’s first creation, the bringer of light, his Morning Star. He has sat to the right of the throne every day since the dawn of time. Two things were tasked to the Archangels from the start: put no other before the All Father, and protect the humans he cherishes. Lucifer challenges both sacred rules. He puts his love for Michael before his love for his creator, and he questions his creator’s wisdom when it comes to the atrocities he has seen committed by mankind. 
One will fall while two remain and grow stronger. A battle of wills is on the horizon, and not only mankind, but the fate of all beings will hang in the balance.

NOTE: this is an excerpt from a book that is still in the writing process and has yet to be edited.

“Lu, please, don’t do this.” Michael begged. Collapsing to his knees, he reached for Lucifer’s face, only to have his hand knocked away. The look of love and tenderness he’d once seen in the darker Angel's silver eyes was gone, replaced with anger and hatred, the normally shining orbs bleeding into a dull gray with pulsing coal black slits. 
“You made your choice Michael.” Lucifer hissed, venom wrapped around each word he growled between clenched teeth. 
Standing, the pissed off Angel shoved Michael aside, advancing on Gabriel. “You did this!” Lucifer let his wings unfurl and the All Father gasped. An Angel's wings were liken to their limbs, an extension of their soul as much as bones and skin. Lucifer’s normally black and silver marbled feathers loomed over him, awash in a darkness that resembled brimstone and ash, the tips a dull, lifeless gray that matched his now dead, slitted eyes. 
In a blur of movement that none of them expected, the dark Angel flew into the air, spinning and knocking Gabriel off his feet with the suddenly massive appendages jutting out of his shoulder blades. “I will destroy you Messenger. Much like you’ve done to the love he once felt for me, only for me!” 
“Enough!” The All Father’s voice boomed, the heavens shaking, a brilliant white light momentarily blinding all his Angels. Blinking, Gabriel stood and moved over to where Michael sat crouched, staring up at Lucifer, confusion and pain dotting his vibrant blue eyes. “Angel of light, my son and most trusted advisor, I beg you to stop this madness. You know what the consequence will be.” 
Lucifer glared at the All Father, chest heaving, breathing labored, senselessly fighting against the band of light wrapped around his middle like the sheath of a knife. “Father, please don’t…” God raised his hand silencing Michael. 
“I am sorry, Michael, but he has made his choice which leaves me no alternative.” The band around Lucifer tightened, the floor beneath him opening up, exposing clouds of thunder and rain. “Star of the Morning, bringer of light, you are stripped of your titles, your wings forfeit. You shall now be known as Satan, the serpent, the prince of darkness.” Lucifer howled in agony as the strong coal-black feathers were stripped away from his being. “I cast you out of heaven and forbade your return.” The iridescent tears cascading down the All Father’s cheeks formed a river beneath the writhing Angel. 
Michael cried out, turning and burying his face in Gabriel’s bronze robe, the silky fabric soon soaked through with fresh, warm tears. He wrapped his arms around Michael, shielding him from Lucifer’s violent, turbulent eyes. In the eons to come, the slow passage of time he and Michael would face together, Gabriel would always question his role in the events of that day. Could it have been avoided? Of course it could have, but that would have meant walking away from the Angel that he loved second only to the All Father. 
He asked himself for the millionth time as he held Michael’s head so he wouldn’t see the clouds open up and swallow Lucifer, dragging him down to bowels of the earth, face a mask of agony and pain, forever exiled to the pit and doomed to watch over and judge only the evil of mankind… what have I done?

About the Author

A military brat born and raised at Ft. Benning Georgia; TM Smith is an avid reader, reviewer and writer. A Texas transplant, she now calls DFW her home. Most days she can be found curled up with a good book, or ticking away on her next novel. 
Smith is a single mom of three disturbingly outspoken and decidedly different kids, one of which is Autistic. Besides her writing, she is passionate about Autism advocacy and LGBT rights. Because, seriously people, Love is Love! 


Spotlight-Excerpt: CELEBRITY STATUS by Angela Scavone

by Angela Scavone

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Review & Giveaway: OVERTIME by V.L. Locey (Cayuga Cougars #4)

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Length: 68,000 words approx.

Cayuga Cougars Series
Book #1 - Snap Shot: Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #2 - Open Net: Amazon US | Amazon UK
Book #3 - Coach's Challenge: Amazon US | Amazon UK


Sander March is one season away from the pros, or so everyone tells him.

If only Sander had as much faith in his ability as the Cougar coaching staff does. Outwardly, he's cocksure, borderline bitter, and slightly sarcastic. All that strut and sass hides a wounded soul though. Working to hide a brutal past filled with humiliation, abuse, and a family member who still haunts him, Sander has never found the kind of comfort and understanding he so desperately needs. Until he meets Mateo Castillo, a minor league baseball player for the nearby Elmira Egrets. Mateo and Sander click instantly, and a budding friendship develops between the two athletes.

Mateo then introduces Sander to his boyfriend, Noah Coombs, an aspiring manga comic creator. The three men find themselves bonding strongly, and that slowly gives way to sexual attraction. Eventually, Mateo and Noah invite Sander into their relationship. The path to happiness isn't going to be easy for Sander as he faces criticism from his friends, teammates, and the press for his choices. The brash young star can handle all that, it's when his abuser shows up in Cayuga that Sander fears not only for his own safety, but for the lives of the two men he has grown to love. Will Sander's past tear him away from Mateo and Noah, or will he be able to leave the darkness behind?

Warning - This story has disturbing subject matter.

Carra's Review

I’m always up for a hockey romance, and the fact that this one is M/M/M just made it all the more enticing to me.  I’ve been enjoying this series, and this latest book following the Cayuga Cougars fits well with the series even if it includes some darker points in the story.

Sander knows he’s good at playing hockey, but everything in his life is colored by the reality of his past and that he is constantly on alert for that past to come crashing back into his life.  But when he allows himself to let go, all of that can fall into the background—especially once he meets Mateo, and then Noah.  Sander and Mateo click almost instantly, while Noah takes a bit more time thanks to his own past that still haunts him.  But together, the three men form a solid friendship where they fully complete each other, and watching that evolve made for some really good reading.

We get to see the team dynamic at work again, and it’s always a pleasure to revisit these guys.  I liked how Vic and Dan played an important role in this story, and got a kick out of how Sander teased Vic later in the story.  As for drama, there’s definitely an injection of it at several points in the book thanks to Noah’s past making itself known in his present.

When it comes to M/M/M, some authors can overdo it with the sex scenes, but in this story that’s not the case.  Here, those scenes are used only as needed to show the growth of Sander, Mateo, and Noah’s relationship; the story is more focused on the interactions between them, and how that contributes to the development of their bond together.

Overall, Overtime was a solid 4-star read for me.  I could have gone higher, but it was too easy for me to guess what was coming when the dramatic conflict near the end of the story came about.  Fans of the series will be pleased with Overtime.  It could conceivably be read on its own, but you’ll get a lot more satisfaction out of this story if you read the series in order.  This book is meant for readers 18+ for adult language, sexual content, and some disturbing subject matter.

V.L. Locey loves worn jeans, yoga, belly laughs, Dr. Who, Torchwood, walking, reading and writing lusty tales, Greek mythology, the New York Rangers, comic books, and coffee. (Not necessarily in that order.) She shares her life with her husband, her daughter, one dog, two cats, two Jersey steers and a flock of assorted domestic fowl.

When not writing lusty tales, she can be found enjoying her day with her menagerie in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania with a cup of fresh java in hand.


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New Release-Excerpt: FOREVER IN INK by Jude Ouvrard (Ink Series #4)

Ink Series Book 4

by Jude Ouvrard