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New Release & Giveaway: DADDY'S PRIDE - Dirty Daddies 2024 Anthology Series

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Daddy’s Pride 

Dirty Daddies 2024 Anthology Series

Authors: Siobhan Smile, Nora Phoenix, TL Travis, Colette Davison, Ellie Rose, Chara Croft

2024 Daddys Pride 6.11.24

Published by Dirty Daddies Publishing, an imprint of GTB Publishing

Cover Design By: Allycat Creations

His good boy. Her naughty girl. Their happily ever after.
Yes, Daddy. Two little words that can send shivers of need and fear up the spine of any girl… or boy.
Because for these Daddies, love knows no limits…and love always wins.

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The Authors

Siobhan Smile, Nora Phoenix, TL Travis, Colette Davison, Ellie Rose, Chara Croft

In collaboration with GTB Publishing LLC

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Friday, June 14, 2024

Review, Excerpt, & Giveaway: TOTALLY GEEKED by Becca Jackson (Love in Play #2)

Totally Geeked
By Becca Jackson

Totally Geeked Cover

Love In Play Series, Book 2

Harrison’s love life is a parade of fun, flirty encounters thanks to every dating app you can imagine, but nothing sticks. Finally, sick of the endless cycle of Friday night hookups, he hits uninstall on the apps and challenges the universe to show him that he deserves someone better.

What he didn’t expect was the universe throwing him a curveball in the form of his best friend’s younger brother. Despite being best friends with Gordon for years, he’s never actually met his siblings and even half-joked they didn’t exist.

But there they are, at a party at Gordon’s place, and one brother, Arlo, is seriously hard to ignore. He’s nothing like Gordon. Quiet, adorable, and totally off-limits… which sucks. But when Harrison spots an opportunity to help him steady his nerves on his children’s book tour, he jumps at the chance to get to know him better, because spending time with him feels like the most right thing he’s done in forever.

The more time they spend together, the less Harrison can imagine being with anyone else. But going after what he wants means betraying his best friend. Can he find the courage to catch life’s most unexpected pitches?

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Excerpt: When Harry met Arlo

While Noah was a ball of energy at the outset, Arlo clutches a book against his front with his casted hand like it could somehow create a barrier between him and everything else in the world. 

“I’m Harrison, but my friends call me Harry,” I say, and he turns toward me. His big gorgeous blue eyes lock on mine and my stomach does a weird spinny thing. I really should have eaten before I came. 

“Hi,” he almost whispers, pulling his hand free of his brother and using it to tuck his red hair behind his ears. He really doesn’t look much like Gordon at all, not like Noah. They both have the same flame red hair, sure. But Arlo’s is long, and hangs loosely around his face like a curtain he can hide behind, it contrasts beautifully with his porcelain skin and bright blue eyes and I find myself unable to look away.

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Carra's Review

I just loved Arlo so much, he is my favorite type of character—one of those guys who are shy and reserved, so sweet and seemingly innocent…but then turn out to be such naughty ones in private once they find their person.  This is absolutely Arlo!

As for Harrison, he’s that player and hookup king who finally realizes he wants more.  He initially is just helping Arlo out getting to (and through) his first author signing, but that winds up turning into all of his author events, leading first to a great friendship and then eventually  to more.

These two are wonderful together, and once Arlo gets comfortable they get pretty spicy together as well.  I really enjoyed seeing him come out of his shell, and not just with Harrison.

This is considered a sports romance, with that sport being Banana Ball.  I’d never heard of this, so at first I thought it was something the author had made up.  There is not a lot of description of it in the book, though as the second book of the series I could have missed an explanation if it was given in book one.  Since I haven’t read the first book yet, I think this one would have benefited with a quick overview of exactly what Banana Ball is.

With a great cast of characters and plenty of opportunities for more books in the series, I’m looking forward to more of these characters getting their own happily-ever-afters.  Totally Geeked was a solid 4-star read for me, and is a story I’d recommend to any M/M romance fan.  There’s not a heavy emphasis on the sports aspect, things are more relationship-centered, so even if you’re not a sports person you’ll still enjoy Arlo and Harrison’s tale.  This book is meant for readers 18+ for adult language and sexual content.

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Becca Jackson Pic

About the Author

Becca Jackson writes MM romance that delivers heart, heat, and happily ever afters for some totally adorkable and fabulous guys.

Becca’s books have all your favorites, small-town romances, bi-awakenings, sports, friends to lovers, and enemies to lovers too, but no matter the trope that takes your fancy, you’ll always find a happily ever after.

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Friday, June 7, 2024

New Release-Excerpt & Giveaway: OUR RADIANT EMBERS by Zarah Detand

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Our Radiant Embers
By Zarah Detand

Our Radiant Embers Cover

Their rivalry? Explosive. Their chemistry? Magical.

When a regrettable drunken hookup becomes your partner in a high-stakes magical project, sparks are bound to fly—just not the kind Liam Morgan was hoping for. Teaming up with Adam Harrington, the golden boy of a legendary magical lineage, was not on his to-do list.

Adam, the epitome of tailored perfection, has accepted the need to lock his true self in the closet. Liam, on the other hand, wears his nonconformity like a badge of honour, challenging the elite’s silken norms with every step he takes.

Tasked with revolutionising urban development in an eco-friendly manner, their forced collaboration is marked by snark, resentment, and a magnetic undercurrent of attraction. But as their reluctant partnership turns into a bond that’s hard to deny, a plot for power simmers, threatening to unleash chaos that could sweep the city into a maelstrom of uncontrolled magic.

This contemporary MM romance is a romp through a magically infused London. It interweaves snappy banter, enemies to lovers, and political intrigue with a slow-burn kind of love that can save a city.

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Well then. Game face on.

I accepted a glass from a passing waitress with a murmured thanks. She shot me a surprised glance from underneath demurely lowered lashes, and right, yeah. Acknowledging the hired help was not industry standard in these circles. But five years ago, I might have been in her place—just enough magic potential to orbit around those who mattered.

I reminded myself that I belonged. No, I couldn’t trace my lineage back to, say, the Middle Ages—hell, I couldn’t even trace it past my grandmother. But I had every bloody right to be here. Even if I was wearing one of only two designer suits I owned while most people in this room had likely chosen from a whole wardrobe of options.

The practice of publicly ranking families on the strength of their magic had largely fallen out of favour, but we still catered to them, didn’t we?

Except I didn’t bow anymore. Not to anyone.

“Well,” a wry voice said from behind me. “Look what the cat dragged in.”

I didn’t bow to anyone, no. And especially not to Adam Harrington.

Slowly, leisurely, I turned and raised my glass in a friendly salute. “Adam. Opting for a tried and true classic on the insult front rather than using your brain?”

His smile didn’t waver. “I’d respond, but I’d rather not engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed person.”

God, he was infuriating. He carried himself with all the inbred entitlement of his family clout, a prince among commoners. Dark curls and hazel eyes that watched me with thinly veiled derision, and if I squinted just right, the warm, orange glow of his magic was so bright it bordered on blinding. Fun fact, though? He’d just about melted into me when I’d dragged my teeth along his throat.

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Zarah Detand Logo

About the Author:

Author of M/M romances. Chaos monkey and coffee snob. Loves a good book, a well-crafted White Russian, and long walks to the closest supermarket.

People in love with other people is her jam, with a particular penchant for snappy dialogue and a slow burn that is all the more satisfying once it finally catches fire. Playing with tropes of the famous-meets-non-famous variation? Bring it on! Fake relationships? Yes, please. All’s fair as long as everyone gets their happy ending.

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Thursday, June 6, 2024

New Release-Excerpt: KILLIAN by Jessamyn Kingley (Twisted Tales of D'Vaire #1)


(Twisted Tales of D’Vaire, Book 1)

Author and Publisher: Jessamyn Kingley

Cover Artist: LJ Anderson of Mayhem Cover Creations

Release Date: June 6, 2024

Genre: MM Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Trope: Fated mates

Heat Rating:  3 flames

Length:  96 000 words

It is a standalone story and does not end on a cliffhanger.


Buy Links - Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US  |  Amazon UK

For two soulmates, a single twist of fate can change everything. 


In 1369, Killian the Dwyer is a young druid still learning to rule his people. His journey is aided by his peers. Two years ago, Killian accepted an opportunity to join a council of respected leaders. Which is why, on one fateful day, Killian and his fellow leaders venture to a castle of dragons. 

Their intent is to build an alliance—what they find is death. But that is not all Killian discovers. Standing alone in a garden is a shy dragon with scales of a deep dark green—Killian’s favored hue. The shifter’s name is Duke Dravyn D’Vairedraconis, and he is Killian’s mate.

Dravyn knows little about the world. At four, he lost his parents and his uncle made him into a servant. Now, Dravyn is standing across from a sorcerer, and Killian’s magic scares him and his beast. Although he cannot deny that Killian is beautiful, Dravyn has no words to convey the mixture of emotions brewing in him.

Hours after Killian leaves the castle, a twist changes everything. Soon, more than fear separates Killian and Dravyn. Obstacles stand between them, but Fate has already paired their souls. What are they willing to sacrifice to honor the goddess and the tug of their hearts?


Killian smiled at the dragon conquering his heart as they arrived on D’Vaire land, following a quick teleportation spell. They’d spent an unforgettable night in Killian’s bed, and he couldn’t wait for a repeat experience. Never in Killian’s life had he known such passion. It was not desire alone either. With no experience as someone’s devoted partner, Killian had not known how tender he could feel for another person.

But he wondered why he was surprised. Dravyn was a complex mixture of shy gardener and dragon Duke. In the dark green eyes gazing into his own was Dravyn’s every emotion. Killian was both humbled and encouraged by the caring he found there, and he appreciated the wonder too. After so many years apart and their personal struggles, it was shockingly easy to find accord between them.

It made Killian realize that, while he did not approve of every twist Fate had put in his life, he was devoted to the goddess because she’d gifted him Dravyn.

Killian slid an arm around Dravyn’s waist and tugged him close for a kiss. 

“I fear I no longer have the ability to control myself around you now that I know how delicious you taste,” Killian said against Dravyn’s lips.

“We have kissed for weeks now.”

“I was speaking of the other parts of your body I sampled last night and again this morning.”

Dravyn’s cheeks filled with color. “Killer, dragons have exceptional hearing, and what happens between us is private. The house is not so far from us.”

“I will behave if you promise to be in my bed again soon.”

“That is not an invitation I would refuse.”

Cupping the back of Dravyn’s neck to tug the tall Duke toward him, Killian reunited their mouths and allowed his tongue to explore unhindered. In the bright morning sun, Killian’s pr*ck grew hard and Dravyn’s delightfully large c*ck poked Killian’s belly. Seconds away from casting another teleportation circle and pushing the dragon down to the mattress in his tree, Killian gasped as Dravyn shoved him away.

Dravyn’s eyes darted from side to side, and his entire face was bright red. Grabbing the edges of his cloak, Dravyn burrowed into his clothing. 

“We are here to grow a tree,” Dravyn protested.

“I should allow you to hear the music of your garden. It has switched from its usual soft melody to a deep thunderous beat. They approve of our union and expressing what Fate has given us as mates.”

Reaching out, Dravyn patted a nearby cluster of leaves. 

“Thank you,” Dravyn whispered to the garden, and in that moment, Killian fell in love. He’d known he was headed there, but it was the glowing affection and kindness Dravyn showed his plants that tipped Killian over the edge. Dravyn was truest to himself in his garden. Like Killian, he understood these weren’t just vines and flowers. They were living things with emotions. 

Startled by the intensity of losing his heart to someone, Killian stumbled back a step and hoped Fate had a future for them filled with promise. Obstacles stood before them, and their lives were still separated in many important ways. Could love conquer all? Killian certainly hoped it would. He wanted it to. So easily he could imagine an eternity with Dravyn. But did the dragon want the same?

About the Author 

Jessamyn Kingley has published over thirty titles and refuses to pick a favorite among them. With an extraordinary passion for her characters, she enthusiastically adds tales to her D’Vaire series and avidly re-reads them whenever her schedule allows. After decades living in the Washington, DC area, she now resides in Nevada with her husband and their three spoiled cats. When she is not writing or adding new ideas to her beloved notebooks, she is gaming with family and friends. 

Visit her website

Join her Facebook group, Jessamyn's Ruffians

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Monday, June 3, 2024

Spotlight-Excerpt: THE WITCH WHO OWNED TIME by Mia Story

The Witch Who Owned Time

Author and Publisher: Mia Story 

Release Date: February 6, 2024

Genres: Contemporary bisexual transgender romance (MtF)

Tropes: Prostitution, witchcraft, persecution, evolution

Themes: Coming out, forgiveness, personal growth, pursuit of happiness

Heat Rating: 3 flames

Length: 446 print pages

It is a standalone book.

The book ends on a bit of a cliffhanger.


Buy Links - Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amazon US  |  Amazon UK


Mira has survived climate change and social upheaval. She lives in a deserted part of a small town in Iowa. Mother Nature has blessed her as have many spiritual beings. Mira finds a partner and lots of friends. She takes on the cause of Robot equality mostly because of her experiences as a transgender girl years ago. Due to climate change the ocean is now very near her town. Mira is instrumental in helping her community grow and evolve.


But all these thoughts just dissolved as they entered the water. For awhile Mira and Septa stood on the edge of the water and sand and let the little waves surge about their feet. Soon their feet were sunk in the sand.

“Why does the sand eat away from under my feet with the water Mira?”

“That is the tidal action sweetie. Tides are more than that little action however. They pull the water en masse out to sea and then bring it closer in. Soon Angelica and Mixy will have to move their umbrella and towel as the water will be lapping at their feet! You can see Mixy’s little castle is already in danger of wave invasion!”

Septa glanced over to Mixy and her castle and laughed as Mixy tried to keep the waves from destroying her creation.

“Maybe we should go and help poor Mixy?”

“No, she is learning about waves and the beach just like you. Besides it’s time you got wet!”

Mira grabbed Septa’s hand and pulled her out into an oncoming wave! Septa sputtered as she emerged from the wave breaking over her head.

“My nose is full of water! It hurts!”

“That is the salt water. Don’t try drinking it!”

Then Mira realized bots did not drink water and paused for a second. “Mira do you think it is OK if I swallowed some sea water?”

Septa had a desperate look on her face.

“It is OK Septa. I swallow it all the time. And my nose hurts too when it gets into it. Best to keep mouth closed and breathe out a little when the nose is covered in water. Why don’t we practice breathing out in the sea?”

Mira dipped her face into the water and made bubbles with her nose. Septa did the same thing and came up rubbing her eyes.

“Now my eyes hurt!”

“Oh yes, remember to close your eyes in salt water! We will bring masks and fins next time so you can open your eyes underwater.”

Mira and Septa spent a half hour playing in the shallow water, dodging the waves and splashing each other.

“OK dear, it is time for your first body surfing!”

Mira and Septa held hands as they walked out into the heavier surf. The waves looked so large close up! The waves came up as huge walls of water. Septa noticed that the waves were in groups, starting off little and getting larger, and then smaller again. One really big wave was coming at them.

“Now watch me closely Septa and then duck under the wave!”

Both girls could feel the tug of water out to sea as the wave came closer and closer. It was just about to break when Mira plunged ahead of it with her arms above her head and her hands coming to a point. The huge wave carried Mira away! Septa ducked under the wave and watched Mira get pushed into shore. She kept her head down and her body straight and looked like a human fish! Soon Mira was swimming back outto Septa.

“Your turn!”

“Oh Mira I’m afraid!”

“I will go with you. Just keep your eyes and mouth closed and body straight. Everything will be OK. If you get into trouble just stand up! I will help you if things feel too weird.”

Septa got low in the water. She could feel the tug backwards as the wave approached. She glanced back at the towering wave high over her head. She could see the very top was super thin and getting ready to break. Septa put her arms straight over her head and pushed off with her feet. She remembered to keep her eyes closed and breathed a small amount of air out of her nose. She could feel the wave catch her and propel her forward! She felt the wave break on her back as she surged forward! All was a tangle of water and foam and breakneck speed. But inside she felt calm, like this was nature speaking to her through the water. She felt like a baby being cradled by mother ocean! Septa kept her back and legs straight and felt like an arrow speeding to shore. She could sense someone beside her in the water. Then she felt the water torrent ease up and become shallow. Septa lifted up her head. She was already on the beach! She turned on her side and there was Mira lying next to her. They looked at each other and began to laugh!

About the Author

I have been writing short stories since my children asked for them. My first was about a skunk family and their interaction with a pig! I suppose my grad school experiences with art and English charted my course a bit. When I moved to Iowa from North Carolina I missed the ocean so much I wrote a whole novel about it. About that time I was studying the Ramayana and wrote a fairy story based on that. My first fairy friend was Coleste, a fairy that inhabited my computer. She is still with me today. My grandmother passed down many fairy stories and some knowledge she had inherited from her family. As best as I can figure it my family was in America to escape the witch hunting in England. But I could never be certain except for all the clues that were handed to me. Today I am truly grateful for my spirit friends. They helped me snap out of a downward spiral when my son died. To believe in fairies and spirits is not something I have to struggle with. It is something that is just part of me.

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