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Cover Reveal & Excerpt: HERE WITHOUT YOU by JJ Harper

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         ♥♥ HERE WITHOUT YOU
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       ♥♥ COVER REVEAL


Archer Hawkins and Mallory Halston literally run into each other and a true love story is born. Archer pursues Mallory with absolute determination making him fall hook, line, and sinker. 
“I really would like to get to know you, Mallory.” His voice husky in my ear. “I don’t think it’s a good idea, I’m sorry.” I’m already kicking myself for turning him down. “That’s okay, I’ll ask again tomorrow, and the day after, I’ll get you to say yes in the end.”  
But just when they’re about to get everything they ever hoped tragedy strikes leaving Mal alone and adrift. Putting his past behind him Mal stumbles upon Cooper’s Ridge. Changing his name to Carter, he takes a chance, becoming a bartender at The Last Drop Inn, and embarking on a new life.
Local attorney, Dan Mortimer, has finally found and captured the heart of Cooper’s Ridge’s newest resident, Carter. 
“I was coming in to see you, and maybe get you to agree to dinner with me. C’mon Carter it’s only dinner, I’m a nice guy I promise.” 
But when Dan’s college friend comes to town to recuperate after a horrible car accident, it seems the most important men in his life may have something to answer for. And just how far will an evil, conniving, homophobic mother with a vendetta go to bring them all down? 
Here Without You is a gay ménage story with plenty of hot sex and strong language and is therefore suitable for readers aged 18 and over.


As I wander up the high street, I can feel a good vibe about this place. It’s quiet enough to keep my head straight, not full of the pain and sadness that have been wrenching my heart and soul. Maybe have a new start. Standing outside a bar, I notice it’s got a vacancy for a bartender hanging in the window. I wonder if they would be interested in a new face in the town. Would they trust someone that looks like me? 
It’s closed so I look to see if there’s an opening hours’ notice. 
I see an incredibly good-looking man walking towards me “Hey, you okay?” he asks but has a smile on his face.
“Um, er yeah, I guess. I was just looking for the owner,” I stammer, embarrassed to be questioned so suddenly.
“I’m the owner, I’m Kes. What can I do for you?” Kes smiles at me, then turns and looks over his shoulder. “I was just driving past and saw you. Are you interested in the position here?”
“Yeah, I am. I’ve not done bar work before, but I worked as a barista,” I say, thinking that working in a coffee shop can’t be that different from bar work. I try to stand straight. Losing Archer has made me shrink inside myself but for him, I need to try to straighten myself out.
“Okay, are you local? I don’t think I’ve seen you around.” Kes sounds kind but I still flinch at his question.
“No, I’ve just moved here. I’m Mal… I mean my name is Carter.” I really need to stop stuttering.
“Okay, Carter. We open at twelve, but I won’t be here till three. Can you come back then?” He looks at me and seems to be taking me seriously.
“Yeah, sure. Thanks, Kes. I’ll see you then.” I smile then he turns and walks back to the very smart, new pickup truck. I watch him drive away and wonder what to do with my time. I spy a coffee shop further down the street. 
I sit quietly in the window of the cozy coffee shop. My first thought as always is to call Archer and tell him. The pain in my heart wrenches again, making my stomach twist in knots and my breath hitch in my throat. Will I ever feel any better?
I think back to over the last four weeks, the pain and emptiness inside me. Maybe here’s the chance to start again now, to be a different me. That’s why I gave the bar owner my middle name. I can be alone with my grief. Leaving the man I was with Archer behind me won’t be easy but what choice do I have? I need to start over.
Not knowing where to go or what to do, I just rode, putting miles and miles behind me, stopping only to crash out in a cheap motel. The first time I stopped, I stayed for four or five days, consumed with pain and loss. Even in sleep, I grieve for him, calling out, searching for him. I race down corridors and through doors, never reaching him. I can see him always just out of my grasp.

About the Author

JJ Harper likes nothing more than to lose herself in books, either reading or writing them. She spends her days dreaming about hot men and love stories, letting her imagination run away with her.
Living quietly in the South Lincolnshire countryside with her very patient husband and her uber-lazy dog she hides behind a sweet smile but really is a coffee-addicted, wine drinking, potty-mouthed girl with no intention of every growing up or growing old gracefully.

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