Monday, July 10, 2017

Cover Reveal: THE TARTAN BILLIONAIRE by Em Taylor


The Tartan Billionaire 
By Em Taylor

Expected release date: 10th August 2017


The first time I met Calum Stewart, I barrelled into him in a coffee shop. I nearly scalded the poor bloke before he yelled at me and I ran out the shop. 

We met a few hours later at a consumer panel. It was his app that I had been testing. His app I’d been slagging off in the queue in front of him at the coffee shop. 

He knew I had no money and now he had a proposition for me. 

Yeah right. I thought that too. Seems we’re both wrong about the hunky billionaire. 

Soon I was part of his life and sooner still it was all turning to dust. 

Can a billionaire really do happily ever after?

Author Info

Em Taylor lives in a small cottage in a small village in Scotland near to a small castle. You'd think she was visited daily by handsome men in kilts but sadly it's only spiders that seem to invade her home. When she’s not writing about sexy dukes, vampires, billionaires and cowboys, she’s knitting, going to sci fi conventions, arguing about politics on the internet and generally getting up to mischief. As a child she dreamed of owning her own island just like George in the Famous Five. She’s not given up that dream. She’s just hoping Henry Cavill will buy the island as a wedding present for her.

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