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Spotlight-Excerpt & Giveaway: UNTAMED HEARTS by Colleen O'Connell

Untamed Hearts
Colleen O'Connell
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: June 4, 2018
Two destinations lead to one destiny
Fleeing her wavering feelings for her fiancé  Taryn Ashford boards a westbound train to visit relatives. Her journey awakens unbridled passion with the dangerously handsome, Jared King. When Jared is accused of murder, she is faced with providing him an alibi at the risk of her own reputation. Did he use her to save himself or can she trust her heart - and him - to discover the truth? A truth they must work together to reveal.
Gunman, shooter, the brand is Jared King's life. His skill with a gun creates an existence forever searching - searching every face for the bounty hunter in constant pursuit, for the settled life he is certain he will never find and for one woman's love. Taryn Ashford jeopardizes his need to remain emotionally detached. She represents the happiness denied him, but if he pursues her, will he risk both their lives?

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She succumbed to his kiss, a kiss initially sweet intensifying to heady passion. His arms tightened around her. Her arms already raised to encircle them around his shoulders. She’d forgotten the feeling his kisses inspired, making clear thought challenging. She had to stop. Brad was her betrothed. She pushed against his chest, pulling her mouth away from his heated lips.

“No, Jared, I can’t.”

He pressed his mouth to the side of her neck moving toward her ear. “There’s no harm in kissing, Taryn.”

He was right. There was no harm in kissing if her promise wasn’t to another man. Now was the time to tell him about Brad. She weakened with the heat of his scorching kisses. A part of her wanted to tell him. Still, she hesitated. She was being unfair not to explain why she kept rebuffing his advances. Yet, it was equally unfair to Brad to allow anyone else to kiss her. “Jared, no!” She pushed away from him. 

“Taryn…?” He outstretched his hand. 

“No, I can’t!” She rushed toward the house.

Stunned into immobility, he stared at her fleeing form. What had he done? He pulled out a cheroot from his pocket, lighting and inhaling, completely baffled by her reaction. One moment she was on fire with the passion she was capable of expressing, and the next instant turned cold. Why did it matter so much? He had never concerned himself so in the past with women he pursued. If one lacked the interest, he simply moved onto another. This new concern was completely inconsistent with his character! Women had always been readily available. Women of all types and varying backgrounds. Taryn proved different. Refined one moment, a hellcat the next. Half the time, if not all the time, she deserved a sound crack across her backside.  Something he determined she’d never received. Defiant and rebellious, she also displayed vulnerability. She was too damn confusing for his taste. She kept him totally at odds which was a new experience, and one he didn’t care for at all.

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About Colleen O'Connell

Colleen has been an avid reader her entire life and has a particular love of the historical romance genre. Having enjoyed reading romances early on, she began writing them herself when she wanted the stories to take a different turn and determined the only way to achieve it was to craft her own. She currently lives in Northern Kentucky and has a background in Human Resource Management.


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