Thursday, April 21, 2016

Now Available for Pre-Order: COMING HOME

K.L. Grayson, B.T. Urruela, Amy Harmon, Heidi McLaughlin, Kallypso Masters and Katy Regnery have teamed up to create a collection of military romances just in time for Memorial Day!!

The best part?? ALL NET ROYALTIES WILL BENEFIT VETSPORTS, the non-profit organization co-founded by B.T. Urruela, which helps returning veterans find their way home.

Pre-order - available now through May 16. 
The collection will be live from May 17 through June 5.
Please consider purchasing a copy today!!

Pre-Order links

Note from the Making it Happen blog:

Currently you can pre-order for only #99cents!  Even though I already own all five books in this collection, I still pre-ordered Coming Home to support this amazing organization. Every single one of the books in it are simply outstanding and worth a heck of a lot more than 99 cents each, let alone for a collection.  It's a phenomenal deal, and it benefits a truly deserving organization.

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