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Spotlight-Excerpt & Giveaway: THE SECRETS THAT SHAPE US by W.L. Brooks

The Secrets That Shape Us Tour Graphic
W.L. Brooks
Series: The McKay Series Book 2
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: October 22, 2018
Returning home was just the beginning, but stayingĂ–might be her end.
After uncovering a devastating secret, Casey McKay left her beloved home town and pretended not to look back. For years, the truth her sisters hid from her has kept her away. Now, in desperate need of Casey's help, her sisters have hired a PI to find her.
As a private investigator, Ryan Keller is used to getting into sticky situations, but nothing could have prepared him for the likes of Ms. McKay. Unable to resist her appeal for help, Ryan returns with her to Blue Creek. Little do they know they are walking right into a deadly plot to destroy the McKay sisters.
The closer they get to the truth, the harder it is for them to resist temptation. But succumbing to their desires puts Ryan in the crosshairs of a vengeful foe. To save them, Casey must face her past and the secrets that have shaped her.


“It’s always the quiet ones,” Jasper said, getting a snort from Casey. “Well…not always.”

Ryan turned to Jasper. Something was still bothering him. “What did you mean by the ‘this time’ comment?”

“May as well tell the boy,” Jasper said. “He could ask anyone in town tomorrow anyway.”

Ryan didn’t understand why neither of the McKay girls spoke, but he knew he’d get an answer when the sheriff made a big production of sighing. Jasper, no doubt, would fill in the blanks.

“Almost fifteen years ago, someone else was after the McKays…”

“Jesus,” Ryan said once Jasper had finished. He stood. “What the hell is wrong with you people?”

Jasper chuckled. “Been wondering the same damn thing myself, for years.”

“There isn’t anything wrong with us, Keller. We had to do what we had to do to protect our family,” Casey said.

Ryan couldn’t name outright the look that passed between the sisters; it was loaded with a shared memory. Hurt? Betrayal? He wasn’t sure, but something was there. “What have I gotten myself into?” Ryan said more to himself than anyone else. He looked across the lawn as the coroner removed the body bag from the apartment and put it into the black van.

“A mess is what it is,” Jasper said. “Always a mess with these ones.”

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The Secrets That Shape Us Tour Graphic

About W.L. Brooks

W. L. Brooks likes to write like she reads with a bit of mystery, romance, suspense, and, to keep it interesting, the occasional dash of the paranormal. Living in Western North Carolina she is currently working on her next novel.


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