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New Release-Review & Excerpt: CHAI LOVE YOU A LATTE by F.A. Ray (Boyfriend Café #3) - Includes Giveaway!

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Chai Love You A Latte
By F.A. Ray

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Boyfriend Café, Book 3

Loving him is the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Being just a friend? Not so much


I’ve loved my best friend Trent since the day we met. The only problem? He’s straight, and I’m definitely not. Our differences have never come between us, but sometimes the line is so blurry I don’t know where “friend” stops and something more begins.

And Trent is really not helping matters.

We’re so close people mistake us for brothers or lovers. He’s my favorite pillow to sleep on, my favorite shoulder to cry on, my favorite arms to fall into. Is friendship really all this is or dare I try for more with the man I’ve always loved?


When Mom left, it broke something inside me. I’ve been a loner ever since, terrified to hold on to anyone. There are only two people in my life I dare to trust: My dad and Gabe.

Maybe I’m a little clingy with Gabe, a little too affectionate, but he’s half of my world. If he ever left the way Mom did, I don’t think I could take it.

When things between us start blurring the line between “friend” and something more, it terrifies me. I’ve only been with women. What if I mess this up? What if I’m so bad at it that Gabe hates me? What if I’m not good enough and he leaves?

If being with him will push him away, maybe I’m better off stuffing these feelings away.

Chai Love You A Latte is a childhood friends to lovers MM romance with a bisexual awakening, first time experiences, spicy open door scenes and co-dependent best friends who turn into so much more.

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I think he’s about to settle down and sleep, but before he does he tips forward. He’s aiming at my cheek, but the dark is thick and in my surprise I turn my head just a little, placing his lips against mine when he goes to kiss me goodnight.

I freeze. Not pulling away. Not deepening the kiss. Not doing anything at all but experiencing the light brush of his mouth against mine. It’s not a shock. Weirdly, it’s kind of familiar, like we’ve done this before, or like I knew exactly what to expect. Rather than startling me, it calms me, eases away those thoughts I’ve been battling all night.

He lingers only a moment before pulling away and settling down atop me, his head on my chest. Gabe doesn’t say anything, doesn’t do anything, so I don’t either. It was just an accident, right? No reason to get weird about an accident. Besides, it’s not like I hated it. It was … nice. Just a … nice little … best friend kiss … in the dark. That’s all.

I try to keep telling myself that, try to will my heart to stop beating so fast he can probably feel it tapping at his ear. But it’s a losing battle until exhaustion finally takes me.

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Carra's Review

I’ve been looking forward to Gabe and Trent’s story from the very first book of this series, and the author definitely did not disappoint!  I love a good friends to lovers story, and childhood friends to lovers is even better.  Getting to see the rest of the Boyfriend Café characters is another plus.  

But it was the wonderful relationship between Gabe and Trent that made this story for me.  The closeness between the two of them…to my that is GOALS personified.  It felt like there was an intricate web woven between them, forming an absolutely unbreakable bond.  Even when Trent was still dating girls, Gabe was still there supporting him.  There are there for each other no matter what.

My heart went out to Gabe, having such strong feelings for Trent but always thinking that nothing would ever come of it.  Trent…I think he just didn’t understand what his feelings for Gabe really meant, and it just took him time—a very long time—to realize exactly what he felt for Gabe.  Once that happens, watching his whole awakening was sweet and well worth the wait.

Trent also has a bit of family drama stemming from his relationship with his mother.  Gabe is the opposite—he has the ideal amazing family, all of whom are there for Trent (and Trent’s father) and have been there since he and Gabe became friends.  This acceptance along with that of the guys from the Boyfriend Café creates a safety net for Trent, though he doesn’t realize it for quite a while.

Chai Love You A Latte is definitely my favorite book of this series, and was a 5-star read for me.  I just want to gather Gabe and Trent together in a big bear hug.  As sweet as these two are together, they can be pretty sexy as well, so I’d recommend this for readers 18+ for adult language and sexual content.

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About the Author

F. A. Ray started writing fiction as a child and has never stopped. When they aren’t writing, they enjoy rock climbing and hiking in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where they live with their partner and cat.

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