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New Release-Excerpt & Giveaway: JACE by N. Boeyer (Summerset Shore University #1)

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By N. Boeyer

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Summerset Shore University, Book 1


Tyler, a calm and gentle soul, is set out for great things both on and off the field. As the star quarterback of Summerset Shore University’s esteemed football team, he is NFL-bound. With the perfect girlfriend by his side and a tight-knit group of friends who share his love for the game, Tyler is set for a life of success and fulfillment.

Until a new voice speaks up.


Jace, an enigmatic exchange student from Amsterdam, arrives at SSU with a bang, quickly making a name for himself as the new lead singer of the university’s favorite band.But there’s one thing that he didn’t have in Europe and hopes to find here.A family. A place to call home. Deep down he carries a profound sense of loneliness, yearning to discover a place to call his own.

While Tyler King would rather be enjoying life quietly from the sidelines, Jace Janssen is drawn to the spotlight like a moth to a flame. Their paths, destined to intertwine, will take them on a journey that they never saw coming.

Jace wants something he doesn't dare to hope for, while Tyler hopes for something he doesn't even know he wants.

JACE is the first book in a full-length MM trilogy romance and tells the story of a bi-awakening. It’s a strangers-to-friends-to-lovers, medium-burn, high-steam sports and rock star romance.

If you love banter, don’t mind the occasional duck wandering around in the story, and are a sucker for long love stories revolving around the same couple—including shenanigans from their loving, idiotic friends—then don’t hesitate to pick this up!

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And oh f*ck I'm gonna hate myself for this, but it takes all my willpower to roll off of him again and keep my hands to myself, rubbing them in my face. I can't. I f*cking can't. I won't f*ck this up.

“What’s wrong?” Ty asks, now the one who is popped up on his elbow, hand on my stomach.

I peek between my fingers,

“I wasn’t expecting you,” I admit.

"I know." He smiles down at me, fingers now trailing curiously over my upper body, his eyes following his own movements with interest, leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake. "You were supposed to be an error, but I'm thinking that maybe you're an upgrade."

And oh f*ck, if I don't melt into the mattress, smiling dopily up at him, I'm sure I look like a stoner.

But he kisses me anyway. He’s kissing me again, and I push a hand in his hair, moaning at the touch of his lips.

He leaves it at that, not deepening it further, and I hold his head just that fraction longer, nudging his nose with mine, which rewards me with that soft gasp again.

"So, talk some more, right?" He rasps.

I nod. “Yeah. Should be wise, right?”

“So hit me.”

I inhale a breath to center myself and do as he says. “Do you really want me?”

“Yes.” No hesitation. “Do you want me?”

“For quite some time now, yeah.” I admit, cheeks burning. “Are you not confused about anything?”

He shakes his head. "Not anymore. Last week? A bit. But now?" He gives me a nose nudge this time before he nuzzles his face in my neck. "Yeah, pretty damn sure."

I can only smile at the ceiling, but I have to ask the most important question before this can go any further. "I'm not– I mean I want to know if I– F*ck."

I avert my gaze, but he lifts his head again and makes me face him, his hand now on my throat, making me drown in those molten eyes. "Ask me."

So I let it out, that one stupid thing that's on repeat in my brain. "I need to know if it's foolish to hope."

He furrows his dark brows. “To hope for what?”

“To hope for you.”

He almost looks crushed at that, but that damn determination creeps back in almost instantly. “It’s not. At least I hope it’s not.”

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Enter the Giveaway:

To celebrate the release of Jace, N. Boeyer is giving away Paperback copies of the release (sent from The Netherlands)!

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About the Author:

N. Boeyer grew up in a tiny country called The Netherlands. She has been bilingual since she couldn’t wait for the Dutch translations of the Harry Potter books, so she taught herself English. This resulted in her pursuing an English education from the age of twelve, and writing stories followed shortly thereafter. Since she was a teenager, it has been her dream to be a writer, and a writer she has always been at heart.

It took her a while to accept that the pretty boys who talk way too much in her head needed a voice, and her love for gay romance grew bigger with every written word and chapter. She has finally found the guts to share her boys with the world and hopes someone out there will love them as much as she does.

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