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Series Recap-Reviews & Giveaway: BLOOD MOON PACK ALLIANCE by S A Welsh

Blood Moon Pack Alliance - S A Welsh

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Remy's life was turned upside down when Alpha Trevor, a controlling and sly leader concerned only with power, threatened his mother and a primal strength awakened inside him. He challenged the tyrannical alpha and defeated him. Now he is alpha, but Trevor isn't going away quietly to lick his wounds. Trevor is much more devious than that. Remy and his pack have to navigate through plots and schemes created by such a formidable enemy who is willing to do anything it takes to steal back control and rule not only the Blood Moon Pack but all of the paranormal world.

Lines are drawn, alliances are made, and mates are found, but will it be enough when the lies and treachery go far deeper than they know? Spies infiltrate and enemies circle, waiting for an opportunity to strike. The people closest to Remy are at greatest risk and some suffer more than anyone should at the hands of those seeking power. Vampires and shifters alike in the Blood Moon Pack Alliance must fight to keep each other safe and hope that love and family will be enough to give them the strength to weather the storm ahead.

Carra's Reviews

Blind Under the Moon

Blind Under the Moon is a great start to the Blood Moon Pack Alliance series.  It’s got some of my favorite things-true/fated mates, vampires and wolf shifters…plus secrets becoming revealed and some hot and sexy action between the two main characters.

Remy doesn’t know he’s meant to be an alpha wolf, and it comes as a genuine surprise to him (and his best friend) when it happens.  The author does a really good job of writing his character to show his youth and strong emotions, and for the most part he handles things beautifully.  But he is young, and this does show from time to time with impatience and some slight immaturity in his personality.  Overall though, he does come across as a strong leader.

I loved Skylar.  A blind vampire, at first you might think he’s weak or a liability because he’s blind, but you’d be dead wrong.  He’s intelligent, strong and powerful and he balances out Remy quite well.  He’s mature and experienced to counter Remy’s youth, and the two of them together are outrageously sexy (especially their very first scene showing any intimacy!).

There’s drama and tension, action and a bit of mystery surrounding what Trevor (the alpha Remy defeats) is trying to do…all of which held my interest well and now has my interest piqued for the rest of the series.  There’s quite a few secondary characters introduced as Remy builds his inner circle of betas and enforcers, plus the rest of his family.  Each with their own unique personalities, they’ve got me wondering about their own stories now that they’ve been introduced.

Fast paced and with a bit of insta-love thanks to the true mate story, Blind Under the Moon was a 4-star read for me, and I’d recommend it to M/M paranormal romance fans 18+ (for adult language and M/M sexual content).

Fanging Around for a Broken Wolf

I’m always up for a good M/M/M story, especially when it’s in the paranormal category.  In this case, we’ve got two vampires and one wolf shifter (okay, half wolf, half human…but still with most of the same attributes as a full shifter).  With a bit of excitement and two vampire elders who have been around a long, long…….long time, this story adds some interesting elements to the Blood Moon Pack Alliance series.

Vampire Elders Van and Lavi are intelligent and strong, and their real identities make for an interesting backstory (sorry, not going to tell you, gotta tease you a bit you know).  Jacko is a very young wolf—so young that at times his character comes across as almost immature and child-like.  This provides quite the contrast with Van and Lavi, but interestingly enough this matchup actually works well.

I did feel like this story went a bit fast and could have benefited by expanding the length and going into more detail.  It felt like there was something missing to me, which is why my rating is 3 stars for this second book of the series.  I do love the characters quite a lot, and am looking forward to them coming up again in this series.  18+ for adult language and M/M/M sexual content. 

Piercings and Sandpaper Kisses

Well this one sure gets your heartbeat going right from the start—talk about action, this story will definitely get you amped up from page one.  It’s intense and frantic, and keeps you on the edge of your seat for quite a while.  I’d say this book felt like two halves—the first one filled with action and suspense, the second all about the relationship.  Or at least that’s how it seemed to me for the most part.

I loved Zeke’s character.  He’s so strong and protective, ready to give up everything including his life to keep those he loves safe.  He’s also a bit of a prankster ;-)  As a wolf shifter who’s also an enforcer for his pack, he’s the picture of strength and determination.  Ashlock is quirky, unique and oh yeah—hot as hell (and oh my those piercings…).  The attraction between the two is immediate, and the chemistry between them is fantastic.  

I would have liked to have heard more about the circumstances surrounding Zeke’s experience that turned him off of vampires in the first place, we hear a little bit about it, but really not enough to get a complete picture of everything that happened.  There are also some points in the story that felt a bit disjointed, like things were jumping around so the story didn’t flow quite as well-more so in the second half than in the first.  

This is a good addition to the series, and does a good job of advancing the overall series story arcs while still giving readers a good relationship tale for Zeke and Ashlock.  3.5 stars for Piercings and Sandpaper Kisses, recommended for readers 18+ for adult language and M/M sexual content.

Should Have Put A Leash on It

Micah and Rylan’s story is my favorite of this series so far.  There’s history between the two wolf shifters, and this story gives us a friends-to-more and paranormal shifter story in the setting of a larger series all in one.  

Micah may not always think ahead before saying or doing something that he might-and probably will-regret, but he’s still a great character, if a bit clueless when it comes to Rylan.  As a matter of fact, there’s times when it seems like Rylan acts more mature even though he is the younger one.  The two together are a perfect match, even when snapping off insults, barbs and general snarkiness.  Micah just doesn’t quite realize it.

I enjoyed watching Micah’s journey to figuring out that yes, Rylan really is his mate, and once he gets there it’s quite satisfying seeing how possessive and protective he becomes.  My heart went out to Rylan for what he had to endure-not once but twice-and he shows his pure loyalty throughout it all.

4 stars for Should Have Put A Leash on It, recommended for M/M paranormal fans 18+ for adult language and M/M sexual content.  Micah and Rylan are pretty damn hot together too ;-)

What's Your Poison

Jake keeps popping up throughout the series as a secondary character, and with as shy and reserved as he has seemed up until this point, I really wanted to hear his story.  Alas, What's Your Poison is just a tease for him thanks to Sage's behavior.  I'm going to be totally honest here-Sage has ticked me off.  He's been a bit removed from the rest of his family so far through the series, and has been seen mostly on the side while now and then offering up some very good advice and guidance as well as knowledge of specific council law.  Unfortunately for us readers, we just get a tiny taste of what is a disappointing encounter between Jake and Sage.

The rest of this story lets us find out what happens as Jake's serum-in its most potent form-starts to take affect with the newly mated couples.  If you're looking for hot and naughty, you'll find it here in mass quantity.  It's sexy and sinful, and makes What's Your Poison basically a pure raunchy indulgence read.  It does fill in some portions of the overall series storyline, but for me in the end I was left a bit wanting-mostly due to Jake's unresolved connection with Sage.

3 stars for this one, and it's only for readers 18+ due to adult language and copious amounts of explicit M/M sexual content.  I sure hope we get more of Jake's story soon, the last paragraph of What's Your Poison is a real heartbreaker.

30 Pieces of Bloody Silver

30 Pieces of Bloody Silver is probably the best written book of this series (so far).  There's a good balance of action and heat, and after getting to know Asher's character so thoroughly in this story, I can easily state that he is my favorite (again, so far--with as many potential storylines there can still be and other characters to explore, this could change).

Asher is seriously protective of anyone he deems family or pack.  He is definitely a nurturer and teacher, and this is especially evident when he’s with Parker.  The way he takes in Parker is endearing and heartwarming, and the same goes for how he is with Jake.  I loved how he made Jake feel comfortable with him-he's really good at putting pretty much anyone at ease-and how he made Jake feel completely welcome and cared for within the pack.

The first part of the story concentrates on Asher with Parker and Jake before moving on to Asher, Tyler and Kimi.  Tyler brings a new facet to the matings we've seen so far since he is human-he's actually pretty strong as well as intelligent and brave.  He fits in easily even though all of this is new to him, and I really liked his character quite a bit.  Kimi is a whole other story.  Everything we've seen so far with him has been pointing to a not-very-nice vampire who might be the mole within the alliance.  After a lot of angst and difficulty, things do finally come to a head...and it's not what you might expect.  

The chemistry between Asher, Tyler and Kimi is obvious from their first time together as a threesome.  By that point, we could already see things between Asher and Tyler were pretty hot, and once Kimi is added to the mix it just ups the dynamic between the three of them.  Add in the fact that Asher has been straight up until this point, and it makes for a pretty interesting turn of things in the overall story.

4 stars, recommended for M/M paranormal romance fans 18+ for adult language and M/M and M/M/M sexual content.  I'm looking forward to more in this series, there's a lot of resolution still to come and plenty of relationships that still need to be addressed.  Oh, and right now, between Poison and 30 Pieces…I am seriously pissed off with Sage.

About the Author


I'm SA Welsh and I write because I love reading and I love letting the characters and stories in my head come to life in a book. I can't function in the morning without a cup of tea and when I'm not writing, I'm reading. Thank you to all the readers that let me keep writing and to the authors that keep me up at night reading a thrilling chapter and also to the editors that help make my books the best they can be.

Happy reading :)


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