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Blog Tour-Review, Excerpt and Giveaway: Song Magick by Elisabeth Hamill

 Song Magick
Elisabeth Hamill
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Publisher: Fire and Ice Young Adult
Number of pages: 304
Word Count: 104K
Cover Artist: Caroline Andrus

Book Description: 
In a realm where magic was thought to be lost, young bard Telyn Songmaker is able to cast powerful spells with her music. Exiled from home in the violent aftermath of her song magic gone awry, Telyn endures a solitary freedom…unaware of the price on her head.  
Bound to the Wood by blood and by oath, Mithrais is dispatched to protect her by the dying sylvan gods he serves. Only Telyn can perform the dangerous counterspell that may save them. But love may be the most unpredictable magic of all…
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She was breathtaking, lovelier than anyone Mithrais had ever seen. The white gown sparkled with silver embroidery on the velvet bodice and sleeves, and the neckline dipped gracefully to expose Telyn’s throat and shoulders. Her hair was swept into a knot that escaped in soft curls on either side of her face and down the back of her neck. Mithrais could see the blush rising in her cheeks as Telyn realized the effect her appearance was having on him. He shook his head in wonder, and Telyn gave a delighted laugh. 

“So you are the Green Man! I know that Riordan couldn’t have planned that in advance, despite his jokes.” 

“Perhaps he could have. The man is frighteningly accurate in his perceptions. Is he an enchanter?” Mithrais was unable to take his gaze from her. 

Telyn grinned. “Not to my knowledge, unless the future is revealed in the bottom of his wine cups.”   

“I fear that I’ve usurped someone else’s role, then. They are going to be sorely disappointed.”  

Telyn’s answering smile was hesitant, and she moved away from the window to pick up the mask on the dressing table. 

“I was rather put out with Riordan for making me lead the spring rites, but now, I think that he is back in my good graces.” Telyn shrugged, pretending great interest in the mask. “However, he’s all but engineered a woods marriage between us. Perhaps I should still be angry at him.” Her tone was playful, and Mithrais replied in kind as he deposited his own mask and the ivy crown upon the table, 

“I must admit that I’m concerned about the requirements of this rite. At home it would be a matter of gravest ceremony, but here, I suspect things are a bit more...enthusiastic.” 

“Well, I certainly wouldn’t want you to be shamed in front of Riordan’s guests,” Telyn laughed, her fingers toying with the ribbons of her mask and betraying her nervousness. “All that is required is a kiss.” 

Mithrais could feel the pull between them like the moon and the tide, but he held his ground, letting Telyn close the distance between them unhurriedly. They stood face to face, not touching, and he saw the pulse in her throat fluttering rapidly as she looked up at him, something akin to doubt in her gold-flecked eyes. 

“You’re certain that there were no misunderstandings this morning?” she queried. 

“With heartspeakers, the truth is always at the surface, whether we intend it or not. I regret that I might have given you reason to feel threatened.” 

Telyn looked surprised. “No, it isn’t that at all, Mithrais. I don’t know why I pulled away, and I don’t fear you—I know you saw what I felt before.” That lovely blush was rising in her cheeks again, and she turned away, embarrassed. 

“I’ve found it difficult to think of anything but you from the time we met, Telyn.” His confession caused her to turn back to Mithrais, an expression of delighted wonder in those tawny eyes. “But I’ve promised Lord Riordan that I will see you safely to Cerisild.” 
  Her expression changed, and Mithrais knew he had affronted her. 

“I’m not defenseless, Mithrais.” Telyn stalked away to stare moodily into the fire, the silk of the gown swirling around her. 
    “I know. Last night, we could hear the swords striking long before we could see you, and to have held off three enemies as long as you did is no small feat.” Mithrais moved to stand behind her. “You have the courage of a warrior, Telyn, but what follows you now deals in torture and death, not combat.” 

Telyn hugged herself. “I have heard rumors about The Dragon. Everyone in Belthil has.” 

“Believe them. I’ve seen his work.” Mithrais put a hand on her shoulder, turning her to look at him. “He is very close, Telyn, if he’s not already here. We’ll have to be very careful until we reach Cerisild.” 

“Do you really think that he won’t follow us into the Wood?” Telyn’s face showed that it was less a question than a mild accusation of folly. 

“No. I expect that he will. However, I think that once in the Wood, he will find more than he bargained for.”
My Review:

I have to say, I was totally enchanted by this story.  The author has crafted a truly fascinating world, and woven a moving tale featuring some amazing characters.  The world building is done so well, it was very easy to picture everything as I read and I found myself drawn in immediately.  The writing was flawless and descriptive, capturing my attention and keeping it the whole way through.  Lovers of fantasy books will find that the author has created a unique story that keeps the fantasy genre fresh and exciting.

The words that come immediately to mind when I think of Telyn are strength, grace, beauty and loyalty-she is a unique and awe-inspiring young lady who possesses courage and determination to do the right thing.  Mithrais is a strong protector who actually can feel deeply and is extremely loyal to the Tauron, as well as a great leader.  And all of the secondary characters we encounter in this journey are wonderfully written, full of richness and life...and all of them contribute to the story.

You will find plenty of action, a bit of drama, and some sweet young romance that will tug at your heart.  Even though the book is just around 300 pages, it felt like I was reading something bigger as the story is very full and well rounded-in a GOOD way.

If you love fantasy, you are definitely going to want to read Song Magick ASAP.  I loved this story, would be thrilled to read more about this world, and give it a fantastic 5 stars!

 About the Author: 
Elisabeth Hamill is a nurse by day, fantasy novelist by night. In seventh grade, she had “Famous Author” inscribed under her name on her yearbook cover – an aspiration that, while delayed, was never forgotten! Her first published work, SONG MAGICK, saw its first draft finished during recuperation from cancer treatment and surgery, and is the fulfillment of that lifelong dream of being an author. 
She lives in eastern Kansas with her family, where they fend off flying monkey attacks and prep for the zombie apocalypse.

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  1. I am speechless...thank you so much for your review, and for hosting my book tour!

    1. It truly was my pleasure :-) It was a wonderful story!

  2. I soooo love this story! I can't wait to see what Elisabeth Hamill comes up with for the sequel. Telyn's story is far from over. The thing I love most about this book though, is that you don't have to be a fantasy reader to "get" the book. It's easily read by those who love fantasy and those who are new to the genre.

    1. YES! I usually read contemporary or paranormal (vampires/witches/shifters), but the synopsis on this one really grabbed my attention. I'm really glad I read it :-)

  3. I am waiting for a sequel, too. Is one in the works?

    1. Looks like there is...if you check out Elisabeth's website, she mention's Telyn's next story-it's called Truthsong :-) I know I can't wait!