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Blog Tour-Review and Giveaway: Hart Attack by Cristin Harber


Outside of Titan Group, there are few people that Roman Hart would die for. He’s a soldier, a protector, and he’s haunted that one of the people he should’ve been able to protect didn’t let him. That was years ago, and now a hardened heart and a cocky attitude are his impenetrable shields, until one woman—one challenge—drives him to distraction.

On the outside, Beth Tourne has it all. Luxury car, gorgeous condo, and a job partying with the rich and famous. It’s a plush CIA cover, but she wants more. Anything for an adrenaline rush that can override her guilty numbness and let her forget the tragedy she never saw coming.

Their scars make them perfect operatives. Their mirrored pasts give them deep, wounded reasons to stay alone. But the more they ignore the tension, the more vulnerable they become. Survival means trust. In one another, behind closed doors, and on the job. The only way they’re making it out alive is if they find peace while waging a war.

My Review

If you're looking for a great story with some well written suspense and thrilling action scenes, you'll get that and more in this installment of the Titan series.  You're also going to get two very stubborn, hard-headed main characters in Roman and Beth.  They both have plenty of drama in their respective pasts, and it contributes greatly to their interactions now.

For me, I didn't quite connect with these two as a couple...I'm not sure if it was just too much of their pasts and their personalities clashing that made it hard for me, or if it was something else that I just can't place my finger on.  It just seemed like at every turn something was pushing between them so it made it hard for me to "want" for them to make that connection.  I'm glad though, that in the end we get a pretty cool resolution.

It was great to see a lot of Nicola and Cash in this story and get some more of their own story played out here.  It helped provide a nice dose of suspense within Roman and Beth's story at just the right point while helping round out the entire series as well.

I personally was more of a fan of the suspense and action in this story than anything else, but it is still a fantastic addition the the Titan series, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves romance with their action stories.  4 suspenseful stars for Hart Attack!

About Cristin Harber
Cristin Harber is a USA Today bestselling romantic suspense and military romance author. Fans voted her onto Amazon’s Top Picks for Debut Romance Authors in 2013, and her debut Titan series was #1 romantic suspense, #1 military romance, and a USA Today Top 100 bestseller.

She lives outside Washington, DC with her family and English Bulldog.
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