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New Release-Excerpt & Giveaway: INSATIABLE INCUBUS by Dana Frost

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Insatiable Incubus
By Dana Frost

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Lads and Monsters, Book 1

A sadistic incubus; a young monster hunter. Sometimes love can be more complicated than murder.

Lucian Darksbane has been tormenting men since the Middle Ages. An impossibly charming incubus, he has left a trail of broken hearts and ravaged bodies in his wake. But now, he lives a secluded life in his sprawling, countryside manor haunted by his dark past.

When maidens from the neighboring village start turning up murdered in the woods, the brooding incubus is the first to be blamed. His spirits are lifted by the arrival of a delicious young lad who may be exactly what this sadistic monster needs to — distract himself.

Wilder Wrenfield is hired to assassinate the mysterious demon of Thornwood Manor. Audacious, wild, and too brave for his own good, Wilder jumps head first into the mission with his signature reckless arrogance — that is, until he lays eyes on his irresistible target.

Posing as Lord Darksbane’s butler, even Wilder’s dreams are no longer private as his master proceeds to inflict his perverted desires on the unsuspecting assassin — the scariest part for Wilder is, how much he loves it. 

An enemy becomes a lover and turns his hired gun on the world to protect his former target. But, as the pair grows closer, old wounds are torn open. Lucian has a secret that threatens to not only destroy their love, but destroy each other.

Insatiable Incubus is an enemies-to-lovers standalone MM monster romance featuring an age gap, kinky scenes, and fated mates. This novel follows a lonely monster with a traumatic past and a bold, angsty human discovering their love through forced proximity.

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Carra's Review

I just want to start out by saying how much I like the cover for this book.  I would have expected a darker story based on it, but this one really wasn’t like that.  I’m also going to point out that this is written in first-person, present tense…not really a favorite of mine, but I haven’t run across many incubus stories so I was okay with giving this one a chance.

Lucian and Wilder are an interesting matchup, but I’ll admit I really wasn’t feeling the connection that I expected with a fated mates situation.  Lucian has a bit of a snooty attitude, and the way he goes about instigating their first intimate encounter was not something I was a fan of.  Wilder was a more likable character, if a bit excessive in his monster-hunting methods.

The writing style of this book wasn’t really for me, and I found that the behavior of the characters was a little over the top.  Sometimes they were even a bit corny.  The supporting characters helped a bit, particularly Lucian’s cook, but the main part of the book focused more on Lucian and Wilder’s physical connections, with most of the resolution regarding the murders coming at the very end, though not how you’d might expect at first.

This story wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but I think that’s more attributable to the writing style and less serious tone than I’m used to with these types of books.  While not really my cuppa, you’ll likely want to check it out if, like me, you haven’t found stories with an incubus as a main character.  Note that I’d recommend this for readers 18+ for adult language and sexual content.

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Well, he sure doesn’t look like much. Dreadful top hat, creased trousers. I suppose he is easier on the eyes than the last one though. Despite the sweat dripping down his face and those ridiculous lapels, at least he doesn’t stink and has a pretty face.

“I’m here for the position of butler, Lord Darksbane.”

“You’re late,” I notify him, incredulously.

“Yes, forgive me, my Lord, no cab would take me all the way. I had to hike through the village and up the hill.

“Yes, yes, alright, I don’t need your life story. Come in and get yourself cleaned up.”

“Thank you, my Lord,” he says and steps into the foyer.

“I didn’t catch your name,” I say rather than ask.

“Wrenfield, my Lord, Wilder Wrenfield.”

“Alright, Wrenfield, I will show you your quarters. It’s already supper time so I won’t expect you to start today, but first thing in the morning I will give you a briefing on your duties. Clear?”

“Crystal, my Lord,” he counters with an innocent smile. Yes, he’s definitely sharper than the last ones. And he seems to be comfortable with my form. Usually, the old farts would almost faint at the sight of me. You would think, in this day and age, any human would be used to the sight of an incubus, but sadly that isn’t the case.

I pluck a flaming torch from the wall and lead him up the creaking staircase to the upper floors. I push open a bedroom with a small sink and a single bed. In the corner, there is a wardrobe for the few items he seems to be carrying with him. He doesn’t look like much of a butler I have to say, but it’s been so dreadfully boring around here lately that I don’t really mind. I think I’m going to enjoy seeing him around the house. When he takes off his top hat and places it on the nightstand, before pulling his thick brown hair back, I know for certain I will enjoy watching him.

“Satisfactory?” I inquire.

“Yes, marvelous, thank you, my Lord,” he says, with what I detect is a small hint of irony. What an interesting human this is.

“Good, the bathroom is down the hall if you need to — wash up.” I let the words hover in the room as I close the door and head back down to my study.

After a short while, I hear the pipes rumble and the upstairs shower turn on. To my astonishment, I feel my c*ck stiffening and stretching the fabric of my trousers. I can practically feel myself becoming old each passing day that I don’t have my c*ck inside something beautiful. He may not have been much to look at in his state, but he certainly did have something about him. A strong, athletic frame which is all too hard to find out here where the diet of the young consists of sheep fat, brown ale, and blood pudding. And deep brown eyes, something of a favorite of mine. His magnificent bone structure may as well have been carved by Lucifer himself. And that thick brown hair, scrumptious.

Yes, my c*ck agrees with me, it is unavoidable that I don’t have a little fun with the poor boy before his early shift. I won’t go too hard on him though, don’t want to scare off the only excitement I’ve had in two years for being over-eager. I take out my c*ck and start slowly stroking, waiting for my prey to fall into a deep, not-so-private, sleep.

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About the Author:

My name is Dana Frost. From a young age, I’ve been obsessed with fantastical monsters and the paranormal. Now, as an adult, I can’t help but add my love for MM romance and kink into the mix. I enjoy writing love stories with a hint of darkness and heat levels through the roof. My characters are usually charming, witty, and sarcastic, masking their damaged and needy hearts.

I’m originally from Ireland but find myself living in Greece for now. I’m a hopeless coffee addict, love all kinds of crafts, and I run to the beach every free moment I have. Perhaps I will run into my very own minotaur one of these days…

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