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Recent Release-Excerpt: WAYWARD STRIPPER by JB Buell

Wayward Stripper 

by JB Buell 

Publisher: JMS Books 

Release Date: August 19, 2023 

Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance, Omegaverse 

Tropes: Omegaverse, Male Strippers, Alpha/Alpha, Friends to Lovers, Meet Cute

Themes: Finding love, Strippers, Trans Man, Trans Character

Heat Rating: 5 flames  

Length: 25 659 words 

It is a standalone story and does not end on a cliffhanger. It’s a Happy Ending. 


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Jake is a stripper on the run 


Jake is a stripper on the run, in need of a new job. He happens to find one in New York City, at a club called The Apollo Lounge. That's where he meets another stripper named Tristan who's tall and gorgeous, and also a really nice guy.

They hit it off almost immediately, but Jake is unsure about starting something new. He's had it rough and is wary about opening up, but maybe with Tristan his luck has finally changed.


Note: may contain sexually explicit scenes of a homoerotic nature.

"This place looks great," he said, and he meant that. "I hope it works out for me. I'd love to dance here."

"Great!" Tristan looked thrilled. "I'm sure you'll do fine. Shall we get you started? I just need to go through the dancing rules with you, and the extras, and then you're all set. You want a table dance demo, or are you good?"

Jake made a little noise of surprise, unable to hold it back. A demo? Really? He was about to get a dance from this hunk?

"Sure," he said, adding, "A demo would be great."

"Okay." Tristan got his phone out and started some music, something slow and sexy, setting it on the table. "So, pretend you're a customer," Tristan said, getting to his feet. "I'm your dancer, and you'll have to use your imagination that I'm in my underwear."

Jake suppressed a smile. "Right." He opened his legs to give Tristan room to stand close, one leg either side of his knee. Tristan started by holding onto the back of his chair and caging Jake in with his thick, muscled arms. He leaned in just enough that Jake caught a hint of his alpha scent.

"So a table dance for downstairs is one full song," Tristan said, all casual as he began dancing, slowly undulating his body to the beat. "Depends on the length, of course."

"Mm-hmm," Jake replied, eyes glued to Tristan's slim hips. He was watching for technique and style, yes, but he couldn't help notice how great Tristan was at dancing, too. Clearly he knew what he was doing, and he had a fantastic body.

"No touching in the downstairs lounge," Tristan went on, dipping his crotch low and almost rubbing it over Jake's thigh, just shy of touching. "Tease as much as you want, but it's a no contact dance."

Jake nodded. "And in this room?"

Tristan caught his eye with a grin. "Well, up here it's kinda do whatever you want, short of full sex. It's up to the dancer how far you wanna go. In the private booths, that is."

"Not out here on the floor?" Jake joked.

Tristan laughed lightly. "No, just mild touching out here. There's one camera on the main floor here for the stage area, but none in the booths. If the customers want any scenting or necking, it has to be in the booths because it can get messy real quick."

"Sure," Jake agreed. "Sounds reasonable."

Tristan smiled at him as he leaned in closer, tilting his head so his nose was between Jake's neck and shoulder, and Jake had the same access to Tristan's neck. He couldn't help inhaling, just a little. Tristan smelled good: a strong and clean alpha scent. Just the sort of enticing smell Jake would expect from a young, fit alpha who looked after his body.

"Your hair smells good," Tristan said, then pulled back to grin in amusement. "That wasn't part of the dance, sorry."

Jake smiled. "It's the conditioner. But thanks."

"So, where was I," Tristan joked with a laugh. "Alright, so, obviously do a lot of scenting in the dance, the omegas really like that."

Jake liked it too, but he kept quiet and nodded along.

"They wanna feel like you're super into them," Tristan went on, "like you wanna claim them and mate. That's the impression you need to give off. Sometimes I grab the back of their chairs like this..." He demonstrated by gripping the chair's back and shaking it a little, tensing his arms so the muscles bunched as he leaned in and looked Jake in the eye.

Jake was starting to feel aroused himself at the display of alpha manliness. Like he wouldn't mind so much if Tristan threw him down for real and played a bit rough. Jake would be into it for sure.

He couldn't afford to get a crush, though. Not with a colleague. Jake made himself nod politely, treating this as business, nothing more.

"Thanks," he said, when Tristan got off his lap. "That seems straightforward enough."

"If you got any questions tonight," Tristan said, giving Jake a friendly smile, "just ask me. I'll be on the floor and I'll help out with whatever you need."

He was just too sweet, Jake thought.

About the Author 

J.B. Buell is a non-binary writer (they/them) of m/m romance and gay rom com stories. They are a cat person, and can’t decide if they’re more of a coffee or tea person but is quite happy to drink both.

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