Monday, June 11, 2012

Some good news...and back to the training!

Check out my post on my other blog, The Disney World Files, about my winning a contest for a great Disney prize!

And to prep myself to properly enjoy said prize...back to the grindstone!  Took all my measurements yesterday and weighed in.  Did my grocery shopping today to re-stock with the proper foods (not that I hadn't been all along-most of my backsliding had to do with eating out and getting hooked on soda again)...loving Publix right now as they had blueberries on sale for $1.99 a pint!  I bought two pints which I know will be gone by the end of the weekend-even with just me eating them all by myself.  Yum!

I've got my race training schedule on the calendar for the Tower of Terror 10-miler at the end of September and the Disney FULL marathon in January (yup, you read that right, going to do the full again!).  My "official" training doesn't start for another 6 weeks so I might play around with C25K for a bit until then...and work on my yoga.  I want to get the pound-dropping going before the real meat of my training schedule hits since that's when it gets soooo hard to keep dropping those pounds with the sheer volume of miles I'll be doing.

Those are actually the only races on my calendar right now.  Toying with the idea of throwing in a half marathon at the right point during my full marathon training schedule but I haven't made my mind up on that one yet.

Come on peeps...I'm doing this mostly all by myself so would love to have some online buddies to check in with and remain accountable to.  Drop me a line on my contact me page if you're interested.

Looking forward to anniversary bling at Mickey XX!  Time for another picture like this:


  1. Wow! Congratulations on winning...I'm not very lucky at sweepstakes type things either. The only thing I really won was an 8 ft stuffed rabbit when I was about 12 yr old...yup, 8 ft. I named him Harvey.

    Anyway, I'm seriously impressed that you're doing another marathon! Good luck!

    1. Thanks! I know you're planning on doing the Disney Half Marathon this January so maybe I'll see you as I cheer on Main Street that day.

      And the real question you still have Harvey around? LOL :-)

    2. First, I'm just NOW seeing your reply! Sorry about that. I thought I had it sent to email me. Oops.

      Sadly, Harvey did not make the move to Oklahoma from Minnesota...couldn't justify room for the 8 foot beast but he'll always be in my heart.

      I really hope I can see on the side line! I know another runner (doing the half with her hubby and a few others) that I'm hoping to meet up with. She's a blogger I met online as well. Maybe we can all get together Saturday night while you carb load and we recover.

    3. Just look for the lady holding the Running of the Ears poster sign on Main Street right as you're making the turn into Tomorrowland...that's where I plan on being :-)

      I'll be meeting up with the whole Running of the Ears gang before both races (Sat/Sun) and probably after as well. Hope to see you some time during the weekend!