Saturday, November 21, 2009

11/21/09-Halfway there! 7 weeks of training done!

Well, I'm halfway there-7 out of 14 weeks of my half marathon training are now complete. It was so darn exciting that I.......hit a wall today *sigh*. Yup, my very first wall. I had 9 miles on my schedule for today, and I was looking forward to it (I really like my long mile days). Had my usual waffles, turkey bacon and orange juice breakfast that I have on my long mile days, then set out (a little later than I would have liked, but it was just one of those mornings). It was 72 degrees and about 80% humidity with very little breeze, and the sun was out most of the time. I was already soaking with sweat after about a mile and a half. My running intervals were feeling sluggish which I attributed to the muggy weather. Had my first gel after 45 minutes and started to feel more peppy shortly after that (it helped that after that my route was totally flat and under big shade trees). But then at about 5 miles I was really starting to feel it, like everything was starting to drag. Even my 2nd gel at the 1 hour 30 minute point didn't seem to make a difference. I got slower and slower...then finally at about 7 miles that wall just loomed up in front of me and WHACK! I hit it. I did keep walking though, albeit slowly. Tried speeding up at the 8 mile point but by then I was out of water too (going to have to cave and probably get a fuel belt) and I just wanted to crash.

Finally made it home, had 16 oz of lowfat chocolate milk (boy that felt good!) and now I'm crashed on the couch. Burned 2179 calories during 9.20 miles...temp at the end was up to 82 degrees and the humidity had dropped to 62%. As I was entering my complex at the end of my route, I realized part of my problem...every Friday night I have a nice plate of whole wheat pasta...which I didn't last night. Didn't have as much carbs in total for the entire day yesterday either.

I just kept pushing through, I wasn't about to call anyone to pick me up. It may have taken me a half hour longer than I wanted to finish, but I finished on my own. Now to go evaluate the first half of my half marathon training...7 weeks done, 7 weeks to go. I KNOW I can make this better!

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