Saturday, July 13, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

Sorry for this kinda boring post, but just wanted to let everyone know what I’ve been up to since I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks.  Gotta get back on a schedule, keep poking me people!  ;-)

Been staying busy working on behind-the-scenes stuff for my blogs (this one and The Disney World Files), website and business (you remember, I’m an independent travel agent specializing in Disney destinations).  I’ve been working on the travel deals newsletter that I’ve been wanting to get started and sent out my first test issue.  I know it needs much critique and polishing up.  I’m not sure what layout, formatting and elements people would like to see...though DH has already told me he’s not fond of the social networking buttons at the top.  

But this is my first try at a newsletter so I know it’s a little rough around the edges.  If you’d like to help me out (please please please), I’d appreciate it if you’d check out the first issue...if you go to my business Facebook page and then click on the newsletter signup button at the top (you’ll need to “like” my page to see the newsletter if you haven’t already), in addition to the signup box you’ll also see the first issue.  Any and all feedback is appreciated-I’m looking for technical feedback more than content.  Since this is the first issue and was meant as a test issue, I limited the topics to concentrate on current/upcoming WDW deals.  Oh, and thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide :-)

Anyway, figuring out how to set up the newsletter, then figuring out how to add the newsletter app to my FB page, how to “fan-gate” the app (meaning you can only see it if you’ve “liked” the page first), how to put a picture in the little box, etc etc etc...the time flies before you know it.  I’m a detail-oriented person and I research everything before I start it, then go step-by-step for every little thing so I don’t miss anything so I probably take longer at stuff like this than more tech-type people would.

As for my weight loss progress?  Slow and steady, averaging just under 2 lbs per week for the first month...down 7.2 pounds total for June.  But the past week and a half have been yuck.  Last week was up a pound even though I was within my calorie range for almost every day and definitely for the week (I did go slightly over on my bday and the day after, but made up for it before and after) I don’t know why that pound came back.  I fear I may not have chased it back off this week either.  *sigh*  And only 2 more weeks until my “official” marathon training plan begins.  

And so this weekend is a planning, catchup and get ahead weekend...and oh yeah, a clean out my closets weekend (I promised DH, they’re kind of disorganized and overflowing).  Any volunteer helpers?  Anyone?  That’s okay...I wouldn’t volunteer to help with this project either.  

Any helpful closet organizing tips?

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  1. remember with your weight loss that its not going to come off overnight. it took a while to get there, it takes a while to lose it again.

    really, cliches aside, just under 2lbs per week is awesome. and ok, so you didnt quite hit your target for the week of your birthday... i dont blame you. I'd skip the healthy eating on my birthday too. happy birthday, by the way.

    miss you.

    1. Yeah, I know for the weight loss part. I just hate when I can't find the reason for a gain or no loss when the numbers don't match up, you know? I'm a numbers person so it bugs me ;-)