Sunday, October 25, 2009

3 weeks of training done!

Yup, just finished week 3 of my half marathon training. This week was a little wacky with life getting in the way and making me rearrange my schedule this week. Hopefully all that stuff is done now and I can get back to my strict training plans. Only exception is the next two days...we had a yard sale yesterday (more $$$ to spend at the expo in January!) so I did my long walk/run today. So instead of having a training run/walk tomorrow, I'll cross train tomorrow and do the run/walk Tuesday instead. Wednesday is a regular rest day, then Thursday will be back to normal.

Today did 6.41 miles. Started off about 80 degrees out and finished at 85 degrees. It was sunny and clear the whole time. About 60% of my route was shaded but that other 40% was smack out there in the sun...whew! But I do seem to be getting weekday short run/walks I'm having to go more miles to fill up the time. My first week I started with 2.55 miles for the short ones, now I'm at 3.06 for the same amount of time and it looks like I'm going to have to map a longer route again! So yay for me on getting faster!

Next weekend, Halloween morning (Saturday) is the Women in Distress SafeWalk-Run 5K at Markham Park. I signed up for the timed run...this will be my 2nd timed 5K and 3rd 5K overall. I am participating as part of my Spark Fort Lauderdale team (from the free website that I am using for weight loss). We are hoping to raise at least $1000 as a far we're only at $145 for outside donations, $85 of which is from my friends/family (our registration fee counts toward it too but I don't know how many are signed up on our team). If anyone is reading this and wants to help out (even $10 helps!), the site to donate on behalf of our team is

Okay, gotta go make some lunch so will write again later this week!

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