Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Spotlight: CLINGSTONE by Marti Ziegler


What if you were counted among hundreds of civilians wrongly charged with treason?

Creighton Branagan is one of the few men still residing in the mill village of Roswell, Georgia, at the closing stages of the American Civil War. His deafness excludes him from military service and condemns him as an outcast.

Mae Parrish’s dissatisfaction extends to a life of too much work and too little joy. She forms a wary alliance with Creighton when they are included among hundreds of southern textile workers arrested for treason and deported to northern prisons under

Federal guard. Their crime: manufacturing Confederate uniforms.

Clingstone chronicles their arduous journey by wagon and train, followed by an emotional internment rife with privations and disease. It is during the course of these hardships that their resilience is repeatedly tested, and their pact of survival deepens into a steadfast love that withstands even the deepest self-inflicted wounds of war. 

Pages: 376
Publication Date: February 5, 2016

About the Author

I live in a small town in central Illinois surrounded by cornfields and wind turbines. My career working with children diagnosed with extreme behavioral disorders has taught me the importance of balancing work with leisure time. I love to decompress after a long week by reading a book in the hammock beneath my crabapple tree. Writing has always been an interest of mine, and Clingstone is my first venture into the world of self-publishing. My other creative pursuits include gardening and landscape design, photography, and uncompleted DIY projects that keep multiplying. I enjoy riding my bike and kayaking, and I’ve been known to take along my dogs Annie and Pearl when I’m feeling particularly daring and want to threaten life and limb. I own a Coca-Cola memorabilia collection that is slowly consuming my kitchen and dining room; my favorite piece is a vintage pedal car from the 1960s. I’m a tropical fish hobbyist and also have a small aboveground pond (another DIY project!) filled with fat goldfish that are amazingly friendly. 

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