Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Spotlight: BAIT AND SWITCH by D.E. Wyatt (The Adventures of Elsabeth Soesten)


There are certain things in the world that are real and others which belong in the realm of minstrels' fancies. Elsabeth and Brother Hieronymus quickly find these lines becoming blurred when they accept a job to escort a youth named Maerten and his guardian to the Navarrese village of Checy. It is said that a powerful wizard dwells in the wilderness nearby, and Maerten is seeking him out in hopes that his magic can reveal the truth about his past. Despite her skepticism, Elsabeth finds herself unable to refuse the boy's request, and soon she and Hieronymus are drawn kicking and screaming into the tale of a destroyed kingdom and a long-lost heir. 

Along the way, Elsabeth struggles to balance her growing affection for the boy in her charge with the knowledge that they must part ways when they reach their destination, and the reality of the disappointment he will face when he learns that rumors and tall tales are seldom what they seem.

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About the Author

D. E. Wyatt was born and lives in St. Louis, Missouri. Always a creative person, he first began writing as a child, and published his first work of fiction, the low-fantasy novella No Good Deed. . . in 2013. His first introduction to fantasy came with the Sierra adventure game, Hero's Quest, which also sparked his interest in fantasy as a literary genre. In addition to writing, in his spare time he studies Western Martial Arts, does 3D model work, and manages to squeeze in a Monday to Friday IT job. He is a life-long and loyal Cardinals fan who greatly enjoys teasing the Cubs fans.


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