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Review & Giveaway: A GOOD NEIGHBOUR by Clare London

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Length: 18,825 

Cover: Tibbs Design


A London Lads Story

A secret affair can't go on forever.

Dylan Philips admits it himself: he's a relentlessly single man in a small suburban town, both proud of and resigned to being a good teacher and a devoted nephew to his mischievous great-aunts.

When the aunts take a hand in matchmaking him with Josie Whitman, the girl who lives along the street, Dylan doesn't tell them what kind of soul mate he's really looking for-and the fact that he's already found the man in question. It's not Josie who's travelling from London every month to her town property, but her journalist brother Neal. And Dylan meets up with Neal whenever he can.

But decisions must be made for their future. Dylan is risk-averse to everything from overseas travel to coming out, whereas Neal embraces adventure-and now he wants to take Dylan with him.

Horrified that his chance at love will move even further out of his reach, Dylan realises it's time for him to own up to what kind of man he really is. He needs to find courage and compromise. And who knows whether the great-aunts will be a help or a hindrance with that?

First Edition published as A Good Neighbor by Amber Quill Press/Amber Allure, 2009.

Carra's Review

For a short novella, A Good Neighbour packs a healthy--and steamy--punch.  Dylan has a massive amount of patience with his great aunts...if I was him I would have probably blown my top a long time ago.  They mean well, but those are two pushy old broads!  But in the end, they know better after all...much to Dylan's surprise.

Dylan and Neal together fogged up my screen pretty well; the two of them together have incredible physical chemistry.  The conflict in this story actually comes from the emotional side of their not-for-the-public relationship, something that could well derail the pleasure they've already found together.

I really enjoyed this story-even though it was a pretty quick read, I still felt a tie to the characters.  But the length of the story did feed into the reasons behind my rating in a slightly negative way simply because this story left me wanting a LOT in more background on how Dylan and Neal got together.  When the book begins, they've already been quietly seeing each other for a while so it almost felt like I had come in to an existing story.

Regardless, I was still quite entertained by this book, and it was a 4-star read for me.  I'll just keep my fingers crossed that maybe it could be expanded in the future because I really did not get enough of Dylan and Neal.  I'd recommend this one to any M/M romance fan, especially if you're looking for something quick to read.  Things between the couple do get nice and hot, so this story is meant for readers 18+.

Author Bio

Clare took the pen name London from the city where she lives, loves, and writes. A lone, brave female in a frenetic, testosterone-fuelled family home, she juggles her writing with the weekly wash, waiting for the far distant day when she can afford to give up her day job as an accountant. She's written in many genres and across many settings, with novels and short stories published both online and in print. She says she likes variety in her writing while friends say she's just fickle, but as long as both theories spawn good fiction, she's happy. Most of her work features male/male romance and drama with a healthy serving of physical passion, as she enjoys both reading and writing about strong, sympathetic and sexy characters. 

Clare currently has several novels sulking at that tricky chapter 3 stage and plenty of other projects in mind . . . she just has to find out where she left them in that frenetic, testosterone-fuelled family home. 

All the details and free fiction are available at her website. 
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