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Fall Into Reading Blog Hop and Giveaway: Realm Jumper Chronicles by Raven Williams

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Realm Jumper Chronicles
By Raven Williams

Book 1
Elwyndyn is a Moon Elf and a Realm Jumper. His mission; travel to the Earth, to assist humans experiencing dreams of another time; another life. When hearing their options, what will the humans decide?

Ayana is one such human. After her parents died. she meets a stranger with unusual eyes, eyes very much like hers, and everything she thought she knew changed. Before she knows it, she is on a quest to delve into her past lives. Will she like where this quest takes her, or is she in over her head?

First book in the Realm Jumper Chronicles:  Elven-Jumper, by Raven Williams.

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Elf-Witch Synopsis and Buy Links:

A collision of worlds as destinies entwine.

At 35, Maia wonders if she'll ever fit into the human life she's living.

She's always felt different, something more.  The dreams and visions of Elves confuse her, leading her to seek answers.  The Dragon-shifter Drago, soon learns news of his and his "father's" past that changes everything he ever knew about himself. 

It is not long before destiny brings Drago and Maia together and they find themselves connected in ways they had never imagined.  As the destinies of the human with Elven memories and the Dragon-Shifter entwine, they become drawn into a war between Dark & Light.

Where will this quest lead them?
Will any of them survive?

Second book in the Realm Jumper Chronicles, Elf-Witch, by Raven Williams.

Elf-Witch Trailer:

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Book 3

Third book in the Realm Jumper fantasy series, Elven-Fire, releasing September 25, 2015.

War between Dark and Light is coming.  Will the Universe fall into Darkness?

Unknown to humans, Earth stands on the cusp of war.  One which could cause the Earth as well as the Universe to fall into Darkness.  Elemence, leader of the Phoenix-Shifters, steps down from her position to lead her Warriors on Earth.  Is it a decision she will live to regret?

Arlondyn of Elf-Kin volunteers for the Elven contingent on Earth.  If there is to be war, he will do his part to prevent the shift to Darkness.  Even if it means his death.

With war looming, each of the Elder Species must make a choice.  The Elves and Phoenix-Shifters have pledged their support.  Will the other species join them or leave Earth to its fate?

Elven-Fire Trailer:



Author Bio:
Raven Williams describes herself as a beautiful mess disguised as a human being. Within this beautiful mess words swirl around until they coalesce into fictional, fantasy stories or poetry for the world to read.

When Raven is not writing, she is creating art in the form of fractal designs and abstract paintings.

She is also a caregiver for a disabled family member and three cats.  She currently resides in the Northwest Florida Panhandle, but the Pacific Northwest is the home of her heart.  She hopes to return there one day.



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