Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tour-Review, Excerpts and Giveaway: Step F*@k by Scarlett Ward

Meet Jai in this sexy stepbrother romance!  

That's all I did. A few too many glasses of wine with my best friend and the bitch convinced me to go on one of those dating websites.
A one-night stand.
A booty call.
And you know what? It.was.amazing.
I spent all night in a sexy stranger's arms, hot and sweaty, until it was time to sneak out and do the walk of shame back to my apartment.
I never thought I'd see sexy stranger again, and I was totally fine with that - until my mother's wedding.
She's getting remarried, see. And sexy stranger just happens to be my new stepbrother.
All the wine in the world isn't going to make this better.


He doesn’t let me finish. He lets go of my wrist and grabs my hips, lifting me up onto the bathroom counter. My breath catches in my throat as my shoulders collide with the mirror. He’s kissing my neck, his hands all over me, and I wrap my legs around his torso and run my hands through his hair.

                “I don’t want to be doing this,” I gasp, but we both know that’s not true. And he’s not technically my stepbrother yet.

He starts to unbuckle his pants. “You want me to f*ck you?”

He pushes his pants down. “Say it.”
“I want you to f*ck me.”

Series Reading Order
Part Two 
Releasing June 25th
Part Three 
Releasing July 3rd
Part Four
Releasing July 10th

My Review (full series)

Part 1

In part 1, we get a pretty good introduction to our characters and a nice setup to the story.  LOVE the fact that Jai is British—after all, who can resist that accent?  He’s also super hot and pretty uninhibited.  Emma is pretty much his opposite-or so you might think.  She comes across as shy and a bit sheltered, though it’s easy to see Jai is attracted to her pretty quickly.  Her friend Megan is there to support her before Emma and Jai hook up, since she’s the one who pushed Emma into online dating in the first place.

The author does a great job of setting up the pretense for the series here in part 1, and it makes you eager to pick up part 2 ASAP once you’re done.  Oh, and let us not forget to mention the steam-up-your-reader sex.  Keep some ice handy…

Part 2

Part 2 starts off the morning after Jai and Emma’s hookup, where Emma makes a discovery about Jai that has her headed in the opposite direction as fast as she can go.  A bit further on in this installment is where Jai and Emma find out exactly who they are (or will be) to each other…much to Emma’s utter dismay.  Even though Emma’s friend Megan is still there to support her friend, I found her morals regarding certain subjects a bit disturbing.

There’s plenty of anger, drama, and more heat between Emma and Jai-enough that you’ll be impatiently grabbing for part 3 the moment it’s available.

Part 3

In part 3, I got a bit frustrated with Emma and her attitude toward her and Jai being together.  Beside the fact that she keeps flip-flopping, being a step-sibling-especially an adult one-shouldn’t have anything to do with it.  But the two of them keep steaming things up anyway, giving you plenty to keep your attention…and keep you around for part 4.

Part 4

Here in the final installment of this sexy serial, we find Emma and Jai apart…both discovering that nothing is as satisfying as the two of them together.  This final part has the two of them coming to that realization, but will they decide to give it a shot?  I don’t want to spoil it for you, but I think you’ll be quite satisfied with the outcome.

For a short serial like this, all four parts pack a good punch, keep you engaged and excited for each part, and give you interesting-if at some times frustrating-characters.  Each part can be read quickly-I finished all four in one evening.  Even though it’s a quick read, it gives you a full story, and anyone who loves step-romances will really enjoy it.  Overall rating for the complete serial…4 stars!

Scarlett Ward

Scarlett Ward is a yoga-loving, coffee-drinking writer who finally took the plunge and wrote her first book. Her own stepbrother wasn't remotely good-looking, but the one she dreamed up for Step F*@k is absolutely DIVINE.
Scarlett hates long walks on the beach. That shit is hard. She prefers laying out by the pool with her laptop, writing her next story while working on her tan.

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