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New Release-Review & Giveaway: MASC by Marshall Thornton (Femme #2)

Length: 56,000 words approx.


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Lionel and Dog are back in this follow-up to the Lambda finalist, Femme. Almost six months have passed and, after taking an online quiz, Lionel believes their relationship is doomed because they have nothing in common. To save their relationship, the pair joins a gay bowling league and discovers that Lionel is an excellent, if somewhat eccentric bowler.

Meanwhile, Dog gets profiled in a work newsletter. He's excited that he's out at work but doesn't immediately see that by fawning over Dog's masculine nature he was also putting down all femme guys. Lionel takes it personally which leads to a crisis in their relationship. Attempting to make it up to Lionel, Dog attempts to make a grand gesture which backfires spectacularly.

Will the two manage to put things right? And will a night in jail, a morning of drag bingo, an afternoon of day drinking, and a month of moping make things better or worse?

Carra's Review

I totally enjoyed meeting Lionel and Dog in Femme, and loved getting to know them better and watch their relationship progress here in Masc.  For the most part, this story is about the two of them finding things they like in common—something about which Lionel is on edge thanks to Dog’s sister pointing him to a list she found online regarding relationships.  For opposites like these two, Lionel’s concern results in them joining a bowling league to do something together.

The author mixes humor and real life situations to give readers a story with which many can probably identify, while still keeping Dog’s lovable, sometimes clueless attitude and Lionel’s occasionally over-the-top one.  Lionel’s friend Carlos (Carlotta) returns with his utterly unreliable car and his mixed up sayings, and Dog’s family is also back—still not able to keep secrets from each other, but thankfully all of them still supporting Dog as well as Lionel.  Dog’s father is a great source of laughs on top of those you’ll have already found with Lionel and Dog.  

The introduction of someone from Dog’s job who just can’t take no for an answer injects a bit of drama, as do some visits with Lionel’s father.  It all contributes to the evolution and strengthening of Dog and Lionel’s relationship.  

Oh, and the description of Lionel’s approach to bowling when he first starts out?  As a bowler myself, I alternated between wincing and laughing my butt off.

Masc is an awesome follow-up to Femme, and in the end reassured me that Dog and Lionel really are perfect together.  This story was a solid 4-star read for me, and while you’re not going to find steamy sex scenes, there’s plenty of adult language and sexual innuendo…along with some inappropriate touching…to make this book one for readers 18+.

Author Bio

Marshall Thornton is known for the Lambda Award-winning Boystown Mysteries. His comedic novels include The Ghost Slept Over, My Favorite Uncle and the Lambda Finalist for Gay Romance, Femme. Marshall holds an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA and has had plays produced in both Chicago and Los Angeles and stories published in The James White Review and Frontier Magazine.


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